HP LTO-3 - Gaining From Storage Technology

It is very important for any organization to have a data storage system that will cater for its needs. With advancement in technology, data storage systems are more user friendly, pocket friendly and have the capacities you require. HP LTO-3 media are easy to use and have very low maintenance costs. They are also portable and will give you the option of storing your data offsite to keep it safe.

LTO Defined

Linear Tape Open (LTO) is a storage solution that uses single reel tape of high capacity. This technology has an open format that allows users to use media from different sources since they are compatible. LTO technology was developed by Quantum, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and International Business Machines (IBM). These three companies are also responsible for the advancement of the technology.


The LTO-3 cartridges have the write-once, read-many (WORM) feature that ensures your data is not overwritten or altered. You can therefore create archives that are tamperproof and permanent. The WORM feature will also enable you to comply with regulatory requirements. HP LTO-3 tapes have a storage capacity of 400 GB for uncompressed data and a storage capacity of 800 GB for compressed data. The rate of transfer for uncompressed data is 80 MB/s and the transfer rate for compressed data is 160 MB/s.


HP LTO-3 cartridges are made with a mechanism that ensures the leader pin is not pulled into the casing of the tape. The cartridges have sensors that detect whether the connection has been made properly. This ensures the tape is not damaged. The tape path has also been simplified so that wear and tear of the head and tape is reduced. HP LTO-3 drives have codes meant for error correction that are efficient and you will be able to recover up to 32mm of tape that cannot be read. The mechanism for load/unload is soft and can perform up to 100,000 loads.


The feature known as Data Rate Matching enables the HP LTO-3 drives to adjust the tape's speed to that of the data incoming from the host. The presence of this feature means the tape's head does not have to reposition every time it is waiting for the next set of data. This allows the drives to perform better and reduces the amount of power used. The matching feature also reduces wear on the tape and head.


Using HP LTO-3 media will ensure you get value for money once you purchase the products. You will be able to use them with a wide variety of hardware and software that are compatible. The drives are also functional on most system configurations.

HP LTO-3 drives are backward compatible and can read and write LTO 2 cartridges. They can also read LTO 1 cartridges. These tapes can safely keep your data for up to 30 years which means that your data backup and archiving needs will be addressed for the long term. The tapes are small and do not require large storage space, neither do they require energy when stored.

Using HP LTO-3 media will give you a variety of benefits. Kindly go to HP LTO-3 to learn how you can access LTO products and other storage media.

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