HP LTO-4 - Benefits of Offline Data Backup

It is very important to back up your data regularly to protect yourself from losing your vital information. You can lose all your important data suddenly through a natural disaster like a flooding or fire, a hardware failing or malfunctioning, or through hacking or network intrusions. Human error can also cause all your data to be wiped out. HP LTO-4 tape drives will give you the perfect solution for your data solution problems.

LTO Technology

Linear Tape Technology is a storage solution based on a single reel tape of high capacity. It was developed by International Business Machines (IBM), Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Quantum, and they are also in charge of the continuous development of the technology. The technology is promoted by the LTO Program, which ensures that companies licensing this technology pass annual verification tests for third party compliance. Products that are compliant to the LTO Ultrium technology have trademarks on the data cartridges and tape drives that are used for verification.

Offline Storage

You can decide to back up your data online or offline. For online backup, your organization's data is stored on a remote server through an online connection. On the other hand, offline backup is where you use hardware to store your backup data. You can either use a magnetic tape, a hard drive that is portable, a USB drive, or a memory card.

Offline backup is normally done internally by staff members, while online backup is normally handled by an external service provider. This means that the privacy of your information is protected when using this method since only authorized staff members handle the information.

Online data is also prone to hackers and data theft, while offline data is more secure. With offline backup, you do not need an internet connection to access the data. You can access the data in a manner that is fast, simple and reliable. With online data, accessing the information can be quite time consuming.


The HP LTO-4 tape drive is a cost effective way of storing your data and is suitable if you need to regularly back up large amounts of data. It has a storage capacity of 800 GB for uncompressed data and a storage capacity of 1.6 terabytes (TB) for compressed data. The rate of transfer for uncompressed data is 120 MBps and the rate of transfer for compressed data is 240 MBps.

Benefits Of HP LTO-4

HP LTO-4 tape drives come with a data encryption feature that ensures your sensitive data is protected in a simple way that is secure, compliant and cost effective. You can also be sure that your data has been correctly written as it has a read-while-write feature that is used to verify the data in real time. The codes for error correction are very effective and you will be able to recover data on 32mm of tape that cannot be read.

Once you purchase the HP LTO-4 tape drive, your investment will be used to the maximum. This is because it is compatible with other products and can read and write LTO-3 cartridges. It can also read LTO-2 cartridges, and you will therefore not be limited to LTO 4 products.

It's important to know your data backup options and what works for you. To get information on HP LTO-4 products and how to access them, go at HP LTO-4 to find out all the details.

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