HP LTO 5 - Getting Acquainted With Product Features

HP LTO 5 - How Stored Data Is Secured

Getting Acquainted With The Product Features

A lot of individuals are confident of having stored their information safely just to realize later on that the measures they took were deficient to ensure sufficient back-up of information. It is thus crucial considering a system that can suit your specific requirements for data storage. Think of utilizing HP LTO 5 products if in need of a cost-efficient solution for backing up data.

HP LTO Products

Hewlett Packard or HP is a provider of LTO technology products and an industry leader in manufacturing LTO drives, having an appreciable and global market-share in LTO tape drives. Linear Tape Open technology comprises of single reel tape technology customized for high-capacity storage. It features a tape format that is scalable and easily adaptable.

The HP LTO products have exceptionally-high performance that can be of critical help to someone seeking for tape-based protection of data. HP LTO 5 tapes afford their user data integrity as they employ correction codes for error, along with performing read-and-write functions for verifying data. It affords someone the capability of recovering a full track of lost data such as an unreadable 32mm of tape. The products feature a simplified tape path along with active head cleaner.

Enhanced Performance

The Dynamic Data Rate Matching characteristic of HP LTO 5 products facilitates adjustment of tape-speed to that of host-data. It implies the tape-head need not keep repositioning while awaiting incoming data. Tape-performance gets enhanced as a result of this feature and power is used efficiently, with wear of tape and head being reduced appreciably.

How Stored Data Is Secured

Linear Tape File System (LTFS)

All HP LTO products come with data encryption ability that ensures security of stored data. They have partitioning as well, where some tape-portion holds the file. Another portion conducts the indexing task meanwhile and can tell the drive at which point within the tape the file is stored. Partitioning facilitates usage of Linear Tape File System in which the drive reads indexed information in a user-friendly format.

LTFS offers the capacity of 'dragging and dropping', with the file-management interface making the task of managing data simple. It also reduces the time required for accessing files, since tape files and directories are visible within the directory listing on the desktop. One can then utilize diverse functions on the files the same way one would utilize the functions had these files been saved on a hard disk or removable media.

Product Variety

One is assured of having diverse pocket-friendly prices and choices by using HP LTO products. Multiple interface options are available, with the products being compatible with a generous array of hardware and software options. HP LTO 5 drives function quite well with a majority of system configurations already in use.

Security of data is a critical aspect of consideration for any business or corporate organization. HP LTO 5 products afford business owners the benefit of keeping sensitive data free from getting breached, which could occasion serious legal implications.

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