HP LTO 5: Points to Consider When Buying Storage Media

Many people using computers do not necessarily back up their data because they think it is too expensive, they are too busy to do so or they do not know how to do it. It is very important to back up you data so that you can retain it in case your computer crashes or gets stolen.

When choosing a backup solution like the HP LTO 5 cartridge for your data, it is important to put these points in mind:

1. Amount Of Storage

Ensure that you know the amount of data you want to store in relation to the capacity of your storage media. There is no need of getting storage media with a large capacity and yet your data is minimal. You will save some money if you do this. A 500GB to 700GB storage media can be enough for an average amount of personal data. However, it is recommended that you get storage media that is equivalent to your computer's internal drive capacity.

2. Number Of Computers

If you want to back up data in several computers, a network drive that you can share would be ideal for you. Installing such storage media needs the expertise of an IT specialist because the process is a bit complex compared to the use of an external drive. Computers near routers can be connected through the Ethernet cable for speed improvement. Wired connections perform 5 to 50 times better in terms of speed as compared to usual wireless connections.

3. Speed

Most online backup solutions work pretty well but their speeds are too slow. The first full backup takes up to two days to be completed after which the speed improves. However, this storage solution would not work for you if you have a lot of data to store like music, images and videos. A lot people prefer getting an additional internal hard drive because they are faster compared to the online solutions. External media like LTO cartridges or network drives are also good alternatives.

4. Your Computer Knowledge

It is easy to set up a complex data backup system only if you have in-depth knowledge of computers. If you don't have any such in-depth knowledge of computers, go for an easier solution. This is because some storage media need several devices or discs for an entire back up to work. Going for media that runs without software installation or works with the push of a button is a great option.

5. Different Storage Location

It's advisable to buy a storage solution that can be stored at a different location. Having your backup media solution together with your computer makes your data more vulnerable to fire, burglary and floods. This means that in case of any of these calamities, you will lose your computer and your data in the backup solution you had. Always have your back up or an additional back up in a different location away from your computer.

When choosing storage media, ensure that you have the above points in mind.

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