HP LTO 5: Sometimes Your Data Storage Priorities Don't Matter

Each and every business has a certain set of priorities when setting up various operations. This also applies in data storage. However, such priorities might actually be in contravention or incompatible with existing regulatory requirements, at which point you would definitely have to revise your priorities.

Just as with many other business-related issues, such as building construction and financial management, most business environments have certain legal data management requirements that must be followed. In Australia, you would have to comply with the Privacy Amendment Act, which features several Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)

If you have a business with $3 million or more annual turnover, you need to be particularly keen on the APPs; otherwise, you face some steep penalties. These could be fines of as much as $1.7 million per infringement.

Sometimes Less Storage Capacity Is More

If you're thinking of the best data storage media, either for personal use or for your business/ organization, you must consider a wide variety of aspects beyond the storage capacity. In fact, you might actually settle for a bit less storage capacity.

One of the most critical aspects that may actually override storage capacity is security. This aspect is particularly essential for information storage in organizations and involving highly sensitive material. Only a storage platform featuring strong encryption of data would be useful in securing your information. Without this, the integrity of your business operations might be at risk.

Fortunately LTO tapes, such as the HP LTO 5, do provide high level encryption capabilities for maximum security. Moreover, using such media, you would have the opportunity to store data offline; hence, making it less accessible to systemic attacks.

Efficiency in use of the storage media is also another critical factor. If you find that you're using up too much time and energy in setting up and maintaining your storage system, you would definitely have to reconsider your options. The cost of keeping such storage may end up being unsustainable.

In this regard, quite a number of organizations that have implemented LTO-based data storage systems have reported significant cost savings in maintaining such systems. This is definitely beneficial in curbing escalating costs of doing business.

No Single Data Storage Option Is Best For Everything

You might actually come across various storage media that some people claim to be the best option for all your data storage needs. However, the reality is that there isn't really a single data storage option for all types of data.

Apart from considering the dynamics of the type of data you want to store, you must also consider diversity in the storage systems you apply.

You might have some type of data that requires much more regular access, rather than having it stored for extended periods of time. Perhaps, it might also be data stored mainly for the purposes of backup. The LTO tape is uniquely suited to such backup storage.

On the aspect of diversity of data storage options, the security of your stored data would be greatly enhanced if you use different platforms. You might actually decide to complement your LTO storage platform with cloud storage. Such diversity in data storage is akin to backing up your back-up.

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