HP LTO 5: Why People Don't Backup Their Data

Despite the availability of many innovative storage media, like the HP LTO 5 cartridge, quite a number of people still don't back up their valuable data. Therefore, it's necessary to understand exactly why this is so, in order to change such risky habits that could affect your business operations and personal life.

1. It's Too Expensive

When considering data backup, you should look at it in the same way you would insurance. Of course, insurance would add to the cost of doing business; but, it is definitely something you can never do without lest you incur unprecedented loss. So also with data backup: paying the price to set up a storage system would mitigate the effects of data loss.

Moreover, new and innovative storage media solutions offer greater storage capacities at much lower cost. This means that you just might incur significantly lower cost than you think. You can also take advantage of the cheapest option from the wide range of available options in the market.

If you have a small business or need backup for your personal use, you wouldn't even need dedicated IT personnel. Using available softwares, the process of data backup can be seamlessly automated.

2. Being Too Busy

Perhaps the only reason you haven't backed up your data is simply because you're too busy. There's so much to do in keeping your business running or dealing with issues in your personal life, that you simply cannot find time to do it.

However, you need to consider how valuable your data is and how much your business and personal life would be affected if you did lose such data. Such impact is clearly illustrated in a 2007 study by the University of Texas, which revealed that 43 percent of businesses affected by catastrophic data loss had to close up. When you realize just how important your data is, you're bound to schedule appropriate time to get it secured.

If you're in business, you can delegate an employee to handle this important issue, even if you're tied up with other business activities. You can also take advantage of special software that would automate your back up operations. Such software would enable you to schedule backups; hence, you wouldn't need to interrupt anything you're doing.

3. You Don't Know How Exactly To Do It

Maybe you already understand the value of backing up your data, but you are simply putting it off just because you don't know exactly how to do it. Indeed, someone who isn't familiar with the process of backing up data might feel intimidated by what it might entail. You might assume that it's a protracted process that requires technical knowledge and expertise, especially if you have large volumes of data.

Well, data storage isn't as complicated as you might think. Actually, you have quite a number of options from which you can select one that you feel most comfortable with (take note that it's better to use different storage options, but at least having one is better than nothing). You can either take advantage of online cloud storage, LTO Ultrium cartridges or hard disks.

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