HP LTO 5 - Your Perfect Backup Solution

If you own a business, you will find that information storage is vital if you are to grow the business and maintain customer confidence. Loss of data can result in loss of business which then leads to a decrease in revenue. It is therefore important to identify a storage medium that is suitable for your needs and one which will keep your information safely in an efficient way.

One of the most efficient data backup methods is the tape technology which offers you a high capacity of data storage at a low cost. The HP LTO 5 tapes are an option that you can consider for storage of large amounts of data.

What Is LTO

Linear Tape Open (LTO) refers to a tape technology that uses an open format and is used for storage of data. The technology was invented by HP (Hewlett Packard), IBM (International Business Machines) and Seagate Technologies. Quantum later came on board by acquiring Seagate and these three organizations are responsible for the continual advancement of the technology.

In order to upgrade the technology from generation to generation, the inventors focused on various issues. They worked on the methods that were used to compress and encode data and on the materials that were used to make the tape. They also focused on enhancing the speed of the tape as it moved through the drive and on the measurement of the tape.


LTO5, which is the5th LTO generation, was introduced in 2010 and has the data encryption capability that safeguards your data. HP LTO 5 tapes have the partitioning element which offers better management of space and files. Partitioning is where one portion of the tape stores the file and the other portion indexes the files and can therefore quickly direct the drive to where a file is stored.

HP LTO 5 tapes have a storage capacity of 1.5 TB for data that is not compressed and a storage capacity of 3 TB for compressed data. The rate of transfer for data that is not compressed is 140 MB/s while it is 280 MB/s for data that is compressed.


All linear tape open products are compatible with the two previous generations and the two generations following. For instance, the HP LTO 5 drives can read and write to LTO 4 tapes and can read LTO 3 tapes. HP LTO 5 tapes can be read and written to by LTO 6 drives and can be read by LTO 7 drives.

To ensure that products from different manufacturers are compatible, there are vendors who license the LTO technology. These vendors go through third party verification tests to check for compliance, and this is done annually. Any products which are compliant with the LTO Ultrium format have trademarks on their data cartridges and tape drives.


There are many reasons why you should consider using the tape technology for your data storage needs. The HP LTO 5 tape has a high capacity and you can easily store large amounts of data. The tape is portable and you can transport large amounts of data to a safe location for storage. Tape also uses limited power and is therefore energy efficient.

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