HP LTO 6: Choosing The Right Tape Cartridge

So, you may be wondering how you are going to select a tape cartridge that not only meets your needs, but also stays within your budget? Here are a few factors you should consider:

1. Capacity

What kind of storage capabilities do you need? Do you need something that will only deal with light storage or one that will handle heavy storage?

Fortunately, newer tape cartridges have capabilities to store up much more data than past versions. Tape cartridges such as the HP LTO 6 have the ability to compress data so that even more data can be stored on the tape. Most manufacturers specify the native capacity as well as the compressed capacity; with the latter offering twice as much storage as the former.

2. Transfer Rate

The transfer rate of a data tape relates to how fast data can be transferred from the source to the tape.

Your window of opportunity is the best time in which data transfer can be conducted. Usually, most backups tend to take place at night, when network traffic is slower. So you want to be sure to select a tape drive that is capable of completing the transfer within that window of opportunity.

A small piece of information you might not have known is that in order for a tape drive to transfer data at a high rate, the rate at which data is being supplied to it should also be high. If not, this will lead to a start-stop motion that will damage the tape drive by degrading its life.

There are various reasons as to why the data being supplied may be too low. The first reason is that the rate at which data is being read from the server's hard disk is too slow. This rate depends on the location and size of the said disk. Such a process tends to be unpredictable but the problem can be determined through special types of software.

The second reason may be because of data being transferred through a network of computers, usually to a backup server; then the network may not be capable of transferring data at high speeds.

3. Duty Cycle And Reliability

One easy way to determine how reliable your tape is to find out what its Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is. This is usually specified by the manufacturer. The MTBF has a specified duty cycle.

4. Cost

You may be tempted to purchase an expensive data tape simply because it promises to store your data for an unbelievably long period of time, but you need to look at the real and measurable value you will be getting in return for your money. What kinds of features top your list? And are you willing to shell out more money for them? Or will you need to compromise on some of the features, if saving some money is you concern?

At the end of the day you should be able to choose a tape cartridge that not only serves you well, but will also not cost you more than you can afford.

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