HP LTO 6 - Efficient, Low-Cost Storage

There are different measures which you can take to ensure that your business is prosperous. Management of information is very important because the very core of your business is your data. There are various ways in which you can safeguard your data from losses. The tape technology is one way in which you can backup your data in an efficient and cost-effective way. One of the mediums of the tape technology you can use is the HP LTO 6 tape which will give you the best backup service.

Backing Up Data

The medium that you use to back up your data is largely dependent on what you want to do with the data. You may need to immediately recover data that has been lost due to an error caused by someone or by the system. You, therefore, need a method that can enable you to quickly access your files. You may also need to have short term storage where the data stored is for less than ninety days. Long-term storage is also important and the tape technology is the perfect solution especially for your short and long term storage needs.

LTO Definition

The linear tape open (LTO) is a data storage technology which uses a single reel, the high capacity tape which has an open format. The open format allows products from different manufacturers to be compatible with each other. LTO Ultrium refers to the LTO technology implementation.

There are three organizations that are in charge of the LTO technology, and these are Hewlett Packard (HP), International Business Machines (IBM) and Quantum. These organizations came up with a roadmap for the technology in order to provide the aims and objectives for upcoming generations. The LTO began with the first generation or LTO 1 which was introduced into the market in the year 2000.


LTO 6 is the sixth generation of LTO which was introduced into the market in the year 2012. HP LTO 6 tapes have a storage capacity of 2.5 TB when the data is not compressed and a storage capacity of 6.25 TB when the data is compressed. The compression ratio is 2.1:1, whereas the compression ratio in the previous generations was 2:1. The rate of data transfer is 160 MB/s for data that is not compressed and 400 MB/s for data that is compressed.

HP LTO 6 has the write once, read much (WORM) capability whereby once data has been written to a tape, it cannot be edited or overwritten. The data is encrypted and can be partitioned whereby one portion of the tape stores the file while the other one indexes the files so that they can easily be located. Partitioning enables the linear tape file system (LTFS) whereby a user can store, search or access data easily without the need for a backup application.


The HP LTO 6 products have both forward and backward compatibility. HP LTO 6 tapes have forward compatibility whereby they can be read and written to by LTO 7 drives and will be read by LTO 8 drives. They have backward compatibility whereby LTO 6 drives can read and write to LTO 5 tapes and can also read LTO 4 tapes.

It's important to choose the right backup products for your business. To get detailed information on the available HP LTO 6 products, Kindly just visit us for more details.

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