HP LTO 7 - High Speed, High Capacity Backup

There are various routines that are practiced by successful businesses that ensure that the operations of the business continue uninterrupted throughout its lifetime. One of the routines which are critical for any business is the backing up of data.

Backed up data can help you to retrieve your information within a short time in the event of data loss. Data loss can happen due to someone erroneously deleting the data or due to tragedies like floods or fire. Data can also be lost due to a virus attack which makes the information inaccessible. The tape technology is an efficient and cost effective method of backing up data and the HP LTO 7 is the latest version of this technology.

About LTO

Linear tape open, or LTO, is a tape technology which uses an open format. An open format enables users to access products from different manufacturers which are all compatible. Products have to pass annual verification tests for third parties in order to be allowed the use of the LTO trademark.

The LTO technology goes through a continual upgrade and was first introduced into the market in the year 2000. LTO 1 or first-generation LTO was the first to be introduced and the technology is currently on the seventh generation or LTO 7. Each successive generation brings with it an upgrade from the previous generation.


HP LTO 7 tapes have a storage capacity of 6 TB when the data is not compressed and a capacity for storing 15 TB of data which is compressed. The rate of transfer of data reaches speeds of 700 MB/s since the head channel count for the tape was increased from sixteen in the sixth generation to thirty-two in the seventh generation. This means that it will take you half the time to write or read a full seventh generation tape as compared to a sixth generation tape.

The HP LTO products are compatible in that the HP LTO 7 tapes will have the capability to be read and written to by HP LTO 8 drives and will be read by LTO 9 drives. HP LTO 7 drives can read and write to LTO 6 tapes and can also read HP LTO 5 tapes. HP LTO 7 drives have the write once, read much (WORM) capability, and it also supports data partitioning and encryption, which permits the linear tape file system (LTFS).

Benefits Of Tape

The tape technology is known to be the best type of backing up data for the long term. The HP LTO 7 tapes have a high capacity which means that you can store up to 6 PB in only fourteen square feet of floor space. The tape is cost effective when you have a large amount of data to back up since a tape drive produces less heat and uses less power than a disk drive.

Tape technology is a reliable medium since there are no risks like virus attacks. The tape is also easily portable and you can transport a large amount of data to an offsite location in order to keep the data safe. It is easy and cheap to increase the capacity of your tape library; all you have to do is buy more tapes.

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