HP LTO-7 Ultrium WORM Data Cartridge

By Richard Stutchbury

The new generation HP LTO-7, in great demand the world over, accommodates backup, and archiving of huge volumes of records, with supersonic swiftness in transfer of data.

The new generation HP LTO-7, in great demand the world over, accommodates backup, and archiving of huge volumes of records, with supersonic swiftness in transfer of data.

Why the Growing Demand for This Data Cartridge?

The LTO -7's unique technology, in the combination of magnetic particles made of Barium and Ferrite (BaFe) offers exceptional performance when recording as well as retrieving information. This makes it useful in long-term storage.

Exploiting the innovative technology of the state-of-the-art BaFe tape, you are sure to derive great benefits from the magnetic tape.

BaFe magnetic particles as a top- quality technology can help broaden, and increase the capacity, and durability of magnetic tape

Salient features contained in the data cartridge:

The capacity to hold as much as 15TB of compressed data

A 2.5 TB per hour data writing or reading speed is super-fast

Compared to LTO generation 6, your generation 7 LTO would have almost double the speed of data transmission

In comparison to LTO-5 and LTO-6, capacity and transfer speed have been amplified by 1.7 and 1.1 times, respectively

Minimal malfunctions or disruptions in backup ensure smooth first time restore

To enhance the product's storage capacity, the company has attained high-precision magnetic particle dispersion, made the magnetic layers thinner, and condensed minor flaws for an improved error rate

Compared to LTO-6,generation 7 has enlarged recording density, by more than two folds

Reliability, durability and tracking performance has been boosted by the usage of suitable material design, while at the same time; the storage capacity has been made much better.

Greater stability, and the ability to reliably store data for over thirty years, has been attained through BaFe magnetic particles, providing low discrepancy in terms of magnetic properties.

LTO Ultrium WORM cartridges facilitates the creation of compliant, enduring, and tamperproof archives

Easy, adaptable, portable and spontaneous as using other detachable and distributive media, such as a USB drive

Beyond the norm operations - HP brand qualification test procedures for example , environmental stress testing ,load/unload, shoeshine, and drop testing, go way beyond the required benchmark for the LTO Ultrium logo

HP 30 years archival life warranty for LTO Ultrium cartridges - This guarantees businesses ability to meet the ever-increasing demands for controlled data preservation and archiving

The Tape is Not Dying, But Getting Better and Smarter!

Tape storage stalwarts insist, and rightly so, because modern technological advancement is adding more years of utility.

With the advent of LTO generation 7, a new feature named "Extended Copy," makes it possible for administrators to save precious time, by copying information directly between drives, devoid of the host.

By all measures one looks at it, HP LTO Ultrium delivers value for money because of the various user capacity and flexibility contained; this is truly the game changer, in data storage and, archiving fraternity.

Covering seven generations of capacity and meticulously tested, HP LTO Ultrium cartridges satisfy all your demands for complete reliability when restoring data, offering high storage density, simplicity of management and scalable storage, and backup performance.

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