HP LTO 7 Unleashed!

In the fourth quarter of the year 2015, the LTO Program Technology Provider consortium (Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM Corporation, and Quantum Corporation) hit the headlines with the "biggest announcement in capacity, and performance ": LTO Ultrium generation 7!

This means that henceforth, companies and manufactures of media and storage devises can access the licensing protocol on various LTO technology products.

What is the Big Deal in HP LTO 7?

According to Chris Powers, Vice President Data Center Development, HP Storage, the big deal with this new product is about "changing the economics of long term data retention, archiving, and high performance streaming, with demonstrated data integrity..."

These are some of the cutting-edge specifications, and features present included:-

• Sustains tape cartridge storage compacted capacity of up to 15TB- more than double of the compressed capacity over the preceding generation

• Tape drive data transmission rates of up to 750MB per second, for over 2.7 terabytes of storage performance, an hour per drive

• Backward compatibility - a system to allow reading and writing on LTO generation 6 cartridges, as well as reading of LTO generation 5 cartridges

• Partitioning functionality- with file system access to data on tape, sustained support for AES-256 bit encryption, required for securing critical data, and Write Once Read Many (WORM) support and compliance

• Provision of a high level of capacity at a low and reasonable cost

• Portable data storage choices for backup, and archiving, that are user-friendly, while addressing a variety of storage requirements

• Multi-level storage management planning - this is made possible , by the availability of LTFS (The Linear Tape File System) capabilities therein

Thumbs Up From SSG- NOW Labs!

SSG- NOW, an industry analyst organization which provides analysis, and written periodicals, for business and information technology (IT) users, recently securitized the LTO 7 technology.

The results, was the conference of a clean bill of health from the esteemed firm, LTO - 7 it as the "Windex" of data storage spring cleaning.

The following indexes used by the SSG senior Validation Engineers, will help to understand why they endorsed TLO-7.

- Easy Installation

That LTO -7 drives installation is such an easy process, made possible by LTFS partitioning cartridges with the drives.

- Capacity, Interchangeability and Speed

The validation engineers established that the speed rate of the drives is super fast!

At 300 MBps excluding data compression, yet being able to handle video or images, the speed is very fast.

At the same time, usage of the original LTO encryption did not seem to interfere with backup sessions, or switching between operating systems, and devices.

- Linear Tape File System

The SGS-NOW report indicated that copying data to LFTS formatted tapes was a walk in the park!

This is made possible by the fact that the LFTS, in sync with LTO - 7 tape drive showed as another mounted drive, in the OS (Operating System) directory!

One of the engineers said that using native OS tools to make backups to LTO-7 tape devices is a straightforward thing. The apps properly detect all the drives.

It is on such high commendation that LTO-7 was given the green light for mass production.

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