I Am Autistic-What Can I Tell My New Teacher About Myself?

Today, I went to school. It was my first day at a new school, a new neighborhood, new faces, and new learning challenges, that are not familiar to me. I want to tell my new teacher about myself because I am autistic. How can I explain how I feel?

My new teacher introduces herself, but I am scared, nervous, I feel uncomfortable and I am overwhelmed with all of the confusion that is present in the classroom, on my first day.

Will my teacher understand what I am feeling, because I am autistic? There is so much I want her to know about me.

In addition, I feel anxiety, uncomfortable as though I would not fit in with the rest of the classmates. Yes, I must admit, I am feeling scared, I feel I will be judged.

As an autistic child, my thoughts are, my new teacher does not know my skills. I feel I should tell my teacher what my skills are. Many people do not know or want to know about me, because they feel or see me as being odd.

I want my new teacher to know, even though I look like I do not understand what she is saying, it is because my perception of understanding is a little different from what other people's reactions are.

Sometimes I do not have the same reactions or expressions my classmates might have. I may not have direct eye contact with my teacher or my peers, but that does not mean I did not hear what they said. As a matter of fact, I did hear what my teacher was saying and I know I hear more than most of the students in my class do.

I want to tell my teacher to give me time to become familiar with my new class routine and my new peers I am surrounded with.

In time, I know I will become a shinning star in the classroom. I want my teacher to be patient with me. look for my special talents and capabilities.

Most people who know me, understand that I enjoy routine. I do not like loud noises, bright lights, stressful confusion, new challenges that I am instructed to do, without letting me know what to expect before I start them.

I hope my new teacher realizes, I want to reduce anxiety. Therefore, I am going to express to her, it might be helpful for me to have some delayed time between starting other projects and getting organized.

I know I will express confidence in myself. I will excel, even though I am autistic. I will not be able to do it, unless my new teacher believes in me.

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