Indirect Benefits Of LTO 6

LTO 6: How You can Benefit From It Indirectly

The LTO 6 data cartridge possesses certain features that make it incredibly valuable for both individual and coporate use. It has a huge native capacity of 2.5 TB and can even store as much as 6.25 TB of compressed data.

However, apart from the benefits directly related to such obvious features of the LTO tape, you also have the potential of enjoying certain other indirect benefits.

Helping Young Businesses Grow

One of the biggest challenges young businesses experience is getting sufficient capital. A useful way of dealing with this is finding creative options of cutting down on the costs of doing business. This means that you would require much less capital to start and run your business.

Using the LTO 6 data cartridge will help you cut down on your data handling costs without losing out on any potential benefits. This would be especially valuable when setting up a large data storage centre, since you would also incur less operational costs since the energy use would be significantly lower than such types of media as hard disks.

Ensuring Business Stability

As data is becoming more and more important to every type of business (including the brick-and-mortar businesses), it's ever more important to store it safely and securely. Furthermore, as many critical business operations are relying on such data, storage of the data is sure to affect stability of your business. If poor or improper storage methods are used, your business runs the risk of crumbling once you lose your data.

To avoid the risk of data loss, you must store it in media that's long lasting and durable enough. This is what the LTO 6 cartridges offer. Considering that data in LTO tapes can be stored in offline locations, your valuable data would be further insulated from malicious online hacks.

Environmental Benefits

More and more people are becoming aware of the adverse impact that many business operations have on our environment. So much distraction is occurring even as we progress with faster, efficient and better technology.

Certainly, taking even the smallest action would do a great deal in helping counter such distraction. This is especially so if each person around does a small bit, which would combine to something significant enough to produce substantial effects on our environment.

So, what role would the LTO data storage media play in this whole environment conservation issue? Well, compared to many other data storage media, LTO Ultrium cartridges offer the highest energy efficiency in data storage. This mean that less energy is used to store and maintain your data, which would contribute to less depletion of the decreasing energy sources which we rely on.

Once you do your little bit, and other people do theirs, it will all combine to make a significant mark on our world.

As you may already know, all these indirect benefits would only serve you well if you already enjoy the direct benefits too; otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it. Hence, when you do acquire this storage media, you must be well versed on how to properly use and maintain it.

Richard Stutchbury has helped many clients select the most suitable storage media for their organizations. When you visit Stutch Data you too can expect to find a product that suits your needs and budget.

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