Indulging In An Island Wedding In Key West, Florida

In spite of what some cynical - and often single - people will say, people expect to only get married once, so when it comes to planning their wedding, they should definitely try to indulge every dream they have had about it. There is certainly some reason that must be exercised, if only to keep from contrasting styles or ideas to clash and diminish the affair, but this is not the time to think small. If you have always wanted an island wedding in a tropical setting, then that is what you should do, and Key West is the place to do it.

Key West, Florida is the number one choice for people seeking a destination wedding on a tropical island. That alone should be reason enough to consider it as your top option, but it is more than just the beautiful location that makes it such a popular choice. The fact is they have become the most sought after for island weddings because they do so much to make sure they are the best at it.
That success begins and ends with working with a professional wedding planner. Unlike other tropical islands where the wedding planner is a direct employee of the resort, in Key West, each planner works independently. That way, you can be assured they will always try to do what is best for you to make your dreams come true. Sometimes that might mean them saying no, but that is only because they know of a better option that you might enjoy more and fit better with your plans.

Finding the right location for the ceremony is paramount, and Key West has many to choose from. There are several beachside locations, some perfect for sunset and others for sunrise, with all perfect any time of day. There are historic sailing ships so the ceremony can take place at sea, beautiful lush tropical gardens, even historic homes and buildings to choose from. For instance, imagine saying "I do" on the very same spot that Hemingway wrote his famous novels.

Coming in close second in importance is where to hold the reception. There are dozens of Key West restaurants to choose from, and while each has a menu that is special and unique, all of them have their own breathtaking settings and convivial atmosphere, perfect for whatever experience you are looking for.

Planning a wedding should always be done with almost reckless abandon. If an island wedding has always been something you wanted, there is no reason to think it cannot be done. Key West, Florida is the perfect solution to all of your destination wedding questions, and it will be a wedding you and your spouse will treasure for the rest of your lives together.

Jack Terry is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer who has lived in Key West for several years.

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