Inexpensive Home Staging Tips That Really Work

The following home staging tips cover certain things you could easily do on your own without spending too much. With the right midset and a little time and effort, you will be on your way to styling your home and gaining the great benefits of your work at sale time.

1. Your Mindset: Before doing anything else, stop thinking of your house as your home and start seeing it as a product you have to sell, a huge investment; and that you want an equally huge return on it.

2. The Curb Appeal: The lack of curb appeal could discourage a home viewer from wanting to enter. Have you ever driven along a home for sale and not liking it from the outside and driving away without even taking a glance inside? To avoid this, consider the following:

Walk around the property to make sure that teh path as well as the perimeter are free of any foreign objects, like bicycles, toys, unused building materials or tools, or garbage cans are visible.

Pay some attention to your plants, vines, and bushes, prune them if necessary. Keep your lawn watered and cut, snow removed, and leaves rakes. Put a potted plant or flower at the entry way, if the season allows.

3. Make Some Space: Keep in mind that buyer like to see space more than anything else. You want potential buyers to focus on the home and not on the things in it. A cluttered property looks smaller than it really and and gives the impression of not maintained properly and regularly. Check the house, inspect each room, and get rid of everything except for the essentials. Decide what to donate, throw away, and what to store.

4. Clean & Repair: This seems pretty obvious but you might be surprised to see how many home owners overlook this one. Consider hiring a professional if you're not able to or willing to do it on your own. Walk through every room in the house and make 2 lists: one for cleaning and another one for fixing. Pay close attention to the entry way, as it's the very first area the visitors will see, and then the bathrooms and the kitchen. Don't forget the ceilings and the walls, make sure there are no cobwebs. Also, check the appliances and the windows.

It's also important to repair small but visible things in the house. Missing or loose tiles, chipped paints, broken door handle, window or closet door that does not close properly -- all the tiny things you never had time to repair -- unfortunately, they could become a huge turnoff for potential buyers.

Consider hiring a professional home stager to make the sale faster and to get the best possible price. Visit Castle Hire to get more information about home staging Brisbane.

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