Instant Grass For Your Home

When the time of year comes around where it's necessary to worry about the front and back yard of your home. With so little time to make it look beautiful, instant grass is the best alternative to get your lawn in the best condition without too much work and with immediate results. It basically consists of grass held together by roots to a layer of earth underneath. It instantaneously gives you a beautiful lawn without soil erosion. In fact, if put together correctly, the lawn will be fully functional in just thirty days, making it the perfect alternative to actually growing out the grass.

The added benefit is it's very easy to plant in your garden and you don't need any extra help if you don't want it. First you must clear the lawn or yard of any debris, removing all the roots and tufts to make an even patch of earth without twigs or roots. This may be the most laborious part of the task because the ground must be left completely bare for the instant grass. After that, you must break through the top layers of earth, which might be compacted, to make the soil loose for the instant grass to take. Then add a layer of fertilizer to help the grass grow and then lay out the layer of instant grass. Water your new lawn and it's done.

With such an easy way to install and the added benefit of getting a beautiful lawn without having to wait, instant grass is one of the best home improvement tools out there. In fact, it's such a useful tool; it's the way golf courses stay in pristine state for every tournament when there are damaged patched of earth because it's easy to measure the amount of instant grass you need and fill the space that was damaged. This added bonus makes it perfect when the different seasons ruin your lawn and you don't want to replant the entire thing. The possibility to just fix a small patch makes it a worthwhile investment.

All in all, instant grass is the perfect way to get natural looking lawns without the effort and pain of waiting for the grass seeds to take. It offers the added bonus of not getting soil erosion in your lawn, which would prevent any other plant you wish to have in your garden grow. With an easy installation process that basically consists of clearing out the garden from all the prior debris, roots and twigs, to then fertilize, roll the instant grass and water, it's a great alternative for a DIY project. A landscaper would also be able to install the instant grass without trouble in just one day. After the initial planting, it would take 30 days for it to take to the ground and there is no need to worry about it unless a piece gets damages which is very easy to fix by just replanting the instant grass in that patch.

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