Interior Landscaping Tips For The Office

As 90% of the working world will tell you, the office environment or work place as a whole, is usually a boring, monotonous place in which to spend your day. Shabby desks, boring window blinds and dull furniture offer nothing other than a tidal wave of want away feelings and various levels of stress.

This doesn't have to be the case anymore thanks to the revolutionary new trend that is interior landscaping.

Interior landscaping offers the employee a visually stimulating, unique and stunning arena in which to go by their daily duties consisting of items that can be found within any maintained garden. Experts have also linked the addition of plants, water features and gentle lighting to an increase in productivity and a reduction of stress.

Below are several ideas designed to inspire a company to create their perfect working environment;

Bold planting - Cacti and Orchids - There are so many plants that can contribute to the initial design however, these are the most unique yet stunningly striking plants with a bold green from the cacti and the vibrant reds, purples and blues courtesy of the orchids. These plants create a peaceful, oriental feel along with a beautiful scent. This appeases two of your five senses.

Illuminated planters - Thinking outside of the box really helps when creating a bespoke area and what better way to contribute by using illuminated plant pots. These planters generate a soft light designed to compliment the colour of the flowers within.

Indoor water features - There are so many different designs, makes and models that can be found upon research. The ideal model (based on company or employer preference) should consist of three layers and not require a constant source of water to function. The result of such a feature carries a few additional benefits. The water creates a soothing noise as well as increasing humidity levels, Improves health by removing toxins from the air, self contained and energy efficient.

Scented candles and incense - These can be a final addition towards completing your perfect workplace. The candles, incense and oils should ideally be based on subtle aromas (jasmine or vanilla) so as not to conflict with the scents of the flowers. The same also applies to the lighting as this is one of the integral parts of creating a peaceful mood.

Various other items can be used to contribute to the above such as rugs, artwork and soft music. There really are no bounds when it comes to interior landscaping and is an extremely fun process from the outset. There are so many ideas, examples and designs that can be found. In the end it all just comes down to personal preference.

Written on behalf of Bespoke Bathrooms and Tiling - Bathrooms Rochdale and Branching Out offering Landscaping Manchester

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