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The internet has greatly enhanced many aspects of life including improving people`s lives by enabling them to earn a living by generating income in this digital era. If you are in a job where you feel you are uncomfortable, or it's too stressful, demanding or has little pay compared to the volume of your workload, an online platform could be the solution. Additionally, online marketing has been proved to reach a large number of the target audience and has improved the lives of those with or without prior online marketing strategy knowledge.

Equipping yourself with life skills is vital for you to be self-reliant as well as to be self-made in your desired field; the digital platform is one better way to explore your potential. In addition, there are several ways of making money online while maximizing your full potential through a digital platform. There are several ways on how to quit your job in a courteous manner and keep the good relationship with your employer, which includes: talking to your boss in person by telling him/her directly on when you want to leave your job. Also, ensure that you give prior notice to your employer or boss as well. In some other circumstances, you might be compelled to write to your boss or email or even call in case you work in a big company which has several managers.

Internet Marketing Advertising strategies

In this digital era, there are various marketing strategies that are used on how to make money online that can help you to fully exploit your potential. Usually when you are starting your business, chances are that you will try as much as possible to economize your budget because of the unknown or flexible future overhead costs that might come your way. Below are various strategies and knowledge that will enable you on how to make money online without much effort, and they include:

- Carry out your personal feasibility study and get the feedback before launching the product or service. Find out from potential clients that outside your social circle if your product or service is salable

- Carry out customer insight survey either personally or via online and even by use of a survey tool such as Client Heartbeat. In addition, you can get the feedback from your co-workers if you are still in employment and thinking about launching a product or service

- Get a website: a website will be your immediate brand digital footprint and acts as a reference to your customers or potential clients. Your website should be simple and should have the ability to capture email on every page for your brand to be advertised. Your website can sell your brand in various ways such as selecting a content management system; an example is WordPress. You website can sell by subscribing to a hosting service like Bluehost or GoDaddy and registering a domain name. Another way in which you can sell with your website is by setting up an e-commerce site like Shopify

- Create a simple and convincing content on your website: the content on your website should be easy and understandable. Try as much as you can to provide reasons why your product or service is unique and why your clients deserve to have them. The website and your online marketing strategy can be good, but the content can push away your potential clients, make your content easy and attractive

- Know your target market and competitors: focus on convincing your target or potential clients on your advertisements and find out who are your competitors and what they are doing on their online brand platform. What are the strategies and channels applied by your competitors? Are yours better or up to date with what your competitors are using?

- Connect your business with an online social media platform, put up your brand on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media that your clients will be updated.

This is a must have in the current digital era, and it's advisable to connect your brand with the available social media that will easily connect with your clients. Social media are a great platform to increase conversions since they can easily direct your potential clients to the website.

- Optimize your website in the mobile device. It's clear that more people are browsing or shopping online via their smartphones and other mobile devices. Having a mobile optimization in your brand content will ensure that the majority of people who are now searching using the mobile devices will see your brand

With the above online marketing strategies and commitment, you will be able to sell your products or services as long as you are fully committed, and you pay keen attention to every detail. Digital economy has created a massive potential opportunity where a determined person can easily succeed when proper channel and guidelines are used.

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