Invisalign: Straightening Your Teen's Teeth

For the modern teenager, with daily classes, physical sports, dating and spending time with pals, having metal braces will certainly not feature among the top things to have inserted. However, the amazing thing is that with Invisalign (a type of invisible, removable dental aligner), it is now possible to have your crooked teeth straightened without the encumbrances of metal brackets and wires getting in your way.

Depending on the growth stage of a teenager, the invisible, removable dental aligner has a number of treatment options. Some teens can benefit from the same treatment that grownups receive. Teenagers who are younger or those whose adult teeth have not fully erupted can be managed using the "Teen" version.

With this innovative and specially designed dental treatment method, as a teenager you'll be free to continue enjoying those things that make your teen life worth living for daily.


The innovative Teen version of this technology has been produced after consultation among parents, teens and leading orthodontists who fully understand the unique dental treatment needs of teens and their active lifestyles.

The teen aligners are made using similar technology employed in designing adult aligners, which move your teeth gradually without having to utilize wires or metal brackets.

All orthodontic products are monitored by the Dental Board of Australia, which operates within the provisions of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.

What Are The Benefits?

The greatest benefit that comes with using the Teen version is that it offers a more flexible and highly aesthetic way for teenagers to regain their confidence through a great smile. Compared to the standard dental braces, these aligners are completely removable, additionally comfortable and invisible.

1. Removable Aligners

Teenagers can go on enjoying life without having to endure the self-consciousness, irritation and restrictions typically associated with the conventional brackets. Being removable, teenagers can brush and floss their teeth normally.

2. They Are Invisible

Because they are produced using a clear plastic, they become virtually invisible!

Your pals won't even probably know that you're on treatment using braces. You will smile without fear which no doubt is a great self confidence and esteem booster for any teenager.

3. No Restrictions With Foods

You perhaps have several pals on braces that cannot or are not allowed to eat some specific food types. However, with the innovative "Teen" version of the invisible, removable dental aligner, your dental aligners are totally removable, which allows you to enjoy your favourite dishes or snacks any time you wish. This will in addition mean that you can brush or floss easily as you normally do.

4. No Physical Restrictions

Whether your hobby is playing a musical instrument or physical sports, having a mouth packed with metal is for sure going to hold you back from fully enjoying what you love doing. It's not easy for you to give it your best in the field when you know that you can get a knock on the mouth by a ball or get your lip cut as you attempt to hit that trumpet note. The invisible, removable dental aligner for teens comes to your assistance in helping you do what teens do best - being just a teen.

As a final word, if you are interested in learning more about this teen specific method of dental correction, the Australian Dental Association runs an informative website whose goal is the improvement and promotion of oral health across Australia.

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