Ionia, Michigan Criminal Defense

Facing any criminal charge can leave a person feeling scared and wondering what is going to happen next? This article will explain what to expect when a person is arrested in Ionia, Michigan, talk about the judges and prosecutor's office in Ionia, Michigan and what are the common charges defendants face in Ionia, Michigan.

The prosecutor's office in Ionia, Michigan is very reasonable. Defense attorneys find them to be fair, willing to negotiate and open minded to fairly solving criminal cases. The head prosecutor in Ionia, Michigan is Ron Schafer. Mr. Schafer is a respected prosecutor. He has an excellent staff of fellow prosecutors that work in his office. A lot of defense lawyers enjoy practicing criminal defense in Ionia, Michigan.

The circuit court judges in Ionia, Michigan are David A Hoort and Suzsanne Hoseth-Kreeger. The district court judge is Raymond P. Voet. These judges are all fair judges who don't have a reputation of being extremely harsh on those who are found guilty of crimes in their court. These judges will give each hearing before them a fair and honest shot of being successful. They don't just rubber stamp motions the prosecutor's office files or deny defense motions that are before them without proper consideration.

The most common criminal charges issued in Ionia, Michigan are, retail fraud, domestic violence, driving on a suspended license, possession of marijuana, use of marijuana, possession of meth, assault and battery, Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI) fourth degree child abuse.The first court appearance anyone has when they are facing a criminal charge is the arraignment process. At the arraignment, the judge will explain to the defendant what they are being charged with. This explanation includes the maximum possible jail or prison time the defendant may receive and how high the fines could be. Next, district or circuit court judge will go over the advice of rights form. The advice of rights form explains the rights a defendant has regarding their criminal case.

Finally, the defendant will enter a guilty or not guilty plea. If the defendant enters a guilty plea in district court, Judge Voet will likely sentence the person on the spot. There are some exceptions. If the crime is drunk driving or domestic violence, the defendant will have a pre-sentence investigation report done and come back for sentencing on another date. In circuit court, all cases typically have a pre-sentence investigation done before the defendant is sentenced.

The Criminal Defense Law Center of West Michigan is dedicated to getting you the best results possible if you are facing criminal charges. We make sure your rights will be vigorously defended at all times!

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