Is it Difficult to Keep on Going When you Have an Autistic Child?

It may be difficult at times for you to keep on going when your child is autistic. By accepting the distressing times, does not take any effort. It is easy to focus on the adverse times, or what you think is bad regarding your child with autism. It becomes frustrating and it may be a challenge to separate, how do you keep on going with your autistic child?

The question is, how can you confront the hard times and be determined to delete the negative thoughts you have about the bad, and focus on the positive ones, when you have a child with the disorder of autism?

Parent(s), caregiver(s), by allowing your mind to process negative thoughts, regarding the many issues you have concerning your child, will be put into force. Those thoughts will reject the many positive thoughts, that will bring healthy power, to enable you to keep on going when you have an autistic child. You must keep on going with your child, no matter how many challenges and difficult valleys there may be.

I have experienced for myself, if I find my mind full of fear and doubt it produces many negative thoughts. Everyone around me seems to have a negative attitude and nothing seems to get accomplished. I find it difficult to keep on going.

You may be feeling defeated, hurt, rejected, because you are feeling, you are not able to keep on going with all of the responsibilities you have, that are involved to manage or take care of your child. You may feel you are not able to face another day, because the pain is so deep and you fear another let down. You have lost hope and do not have the strength to keep on going when you have an autistic child. I know, I have been there and felt that pain.

Most battles are fought in your mind every day. When you feel the battle is too difficult and want to give up because your child is autistic, you must choose to resist those negative thoughts you have and rise above those dilemmas you are currently facing, so you can keep on going.

There will be difficult battles that will be raging in your mind. But, do not give up, keep on going. I have found for myself, when I choose to quit or give up, I do not gain ground. Nothing seems to work, problems become out of balance. You may have moments, days, months, of extremely difficult periods when you do not want to keep on going. Do not be a quitter, do not adapt to the "give up" spirit.

Take a reality check on yourself and check to see what you are facing or experiencing with your child who has autism. This could be done by including the whole family and having discussions about the subject matter.

There will be times when the battle with your child who has autism will seem endless. It is easy to quit. That takes no effort. To keep on going when it becomes a challenge with your autistic child, takes effort and courage. You can do it!

You as parent(s), caregiver(s), must reprogram your mind not to be discouraged even though the process is slow. Be persistent and learn to change your thinking when it is difficult to keep on going with your child who has the disorder of autism. Never quit!

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