Is Mick Jagger Girlfriend Friendly?

Isn't really it time to do away with our culture of celebrity icon 'hero-worship', the gold calf bone that tramples genuine beauty underfoot and sucks the heart from society? Mick Jagger is renowned for handling finance, his business acumen is practically unrivaled in the rock world.

For this ex-grammar schoolboy-cum-economics-undergraduate, money management is key to his identity.

Jagger's divorces hardly dented his riches, and yet he won't disclose the information of his personal life to recruiters, his discretion around his monetary affairs is famous. Now, at 70 years of age, the sudden death of a female courtesan may alter all of that.

The acknowledgements gathered for Mick Jagger on Facebook, but not as many for the woman from Utah who brushed off village life for a career in modelling and outfit design in Paris "We had made a fantastic life for ourselves," Jagger said.

That 'great life' is under the spotlight given Scott's tragic death, but the fact that far more sympathy went to the jaded rock star than to the striking woman, 21 years his junior says a lot. L'Wren was the lady who strolled into Jagger's life and wound up in his shadow, even while towering over him by majority a foot.

Jagger's response to the terrible news is tinged with the rock star's predictable egoism. Jagger states he is having "a hard time understanding" why his fan and best friend would end her life in the way that she did. You can almost be forgiven for thinking that he is upset at the way his girlfriend passed away, whilst on his watch.

The 'excellent life' was obstructed by the ruthlessness of band members; for instance Keith Richards, who took pleasure in ridiculing L'Wren, calling her 'a page six' girl. Mick Jagger no doubt liked and appreciated his partner, (if media and word of mouth is anything to pass) and yet he has to have struggled to integrate authentic love with the macho paradigm of the Rolling Stones, ruining all possibility of real closeness to his ladies.

L'Wren was popular in her native America. An advantageous talent in her own right, she brought in the attentions of Hollywood's leading girls. They relied on her for their Oscar-night dress and beverage clothing, and she was an intimate of the tight-knit elite at the head of the international fashion industry.

L'Wren Scott was dedicated to hard work and success and claimed little credit with her association with Jagger, saying that indepence and freedom were vital to her. Certainly, the egotistical Jagger insisted on such self-reliance in his females. A popular womaniser, Jagger had a string of brief marriages, and extramarital affairs to go with them.

Two the vocalist's extremely early sweeties were Chrissie Shrimpton, (sister of designer Jean), and singer Marianne Faithfull, both of whom took overdoses. Jagger declined to wed his lady-love, saying in press interviews, (almost a years into his partnership with L'Wren Scott), that the relationship was a "kind of dating" this was prior to holding forth on the ineffectiveness of marital relationships in general.

Not specifically girlfriend friendly material then, if by that we suggest the much deeper love potentiality of coupledom. Did Mick Jagger even understand L'Wren Scott? Scott's company acumen was no chance equal to Jagger's. She added 3.6 million in company debt and the termination of her show throughout London Fashion Week tips off about these troubles.

Whether Jagger scooped up a few of the business debts or not is unidentified, but L'Wren may not have requested for aid for worry of rumours being spread about her subsidised life and work. Standard press accounts do not tell the complete tale and it could that L'Wren's economic position was not the leading cause in her death. For that matter it may not have been the 'excellent' relationship she had with Jagger either that caused such internal pain. The mutual life they shared appears to have actually been really caring - insofar as Mick Jagger's ego was capable of allowing a female to permeate his inner circle.

Yet Jagger has constantly shown a mistrusting mindset towards the females in his charmed life. The bad-boy model of 'treat 'em mean, keep them keen' is harmful and outdated. The suggestion that L'wren withstood Jagger's unfaithful behaviour in the hopes of having a family has troubling overtones. Those (maybe Jagger himself) who saw a woman of supreme confidence are questioning what went wrong.

L'Wren was know to remark, "I think, just from sheer stature, I established a kind of shield early on".

Although L'Wren Scott might have experienced depression, though according to her maid she was confident and fun-loving up until she met Jagger. Music aside, just who are the Rolling Stones? How do they stack up as guys? As people? As lovers? Why the constant adulation from the rock industry for four fairly decrepit and burnt out old guys?

After this hurtful event it seems probable that the four will not stay as close as before. Indeed, Jagger and Richards could now go their separate ways. Brian Jones and The Rolling Stones seminal tune "Paint It Black" may even have been created for this unpleasant interlude in Jagger's spectacularly charmed life as spoilt-brat rock icon.

Rip Rolling Stones.

Ali Kat is the founding editor of New London Writers an independent book promotion and start up press, and online literary agency based in London

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