Is The Middle East Iraq 'ISIS Crisis' A Deception?

Many people are waking up to the realization that the mainstream media portrayal of terrorism has been a hoax, perpetrated by the architects of darkness the hidden powers that be controlling the planet to serve their enslavement agenda for global domination.

Your chances of death by terrorism are 1 in 20 million, or, put another way, you have more chance of getting killed by a cop (8 times more) than by a terrorist. However, many people have fallen for the deception, believing the exaggerated claims of the so called enemy about.

Recently, the network of secretly manufactured cabal sponsored terrorism groups making mayhem in the Middle East have turned their hand to "ISIS" in Iraq (ISIS = Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) as part of their plans for a takeover in this key area. Isis is a curious name and goes back to ancient Egyptian mythology. Isis, mother of Horus, was said to be the 'hawk headed god of war.' Doesn't this reveal the intentions behind ISIS?

An alternative name for ISIS is "Al-Sham." Quite fitting, since the whole thing really is a sham. The deception is yet another staged event ultimately designed to allow the cabal to gain complete control of the Middle East.

ISIS is claimed to be an offshoot of Al Qaeda, but media propaganda goes on to say that ISIS is even more fundamental. What, more fundamental than a group that supposed to have caused 911?? Doesn't this claim make some people suspicious? As I have said, the real terror has come from the dark cabal secretly manufacturing all the mayhem to make you believe in an enemy who either doesn't exist or is greatly exaggerated. There has never been a leader or a secret vast network with tentacles reaching out in many different countries...

However, the people at large have fallen for the deception, believing in the existence of this imaginary enemy, allowing themselves to approve of extra surveillance... in the name of security and further give up their freedom. This is indeed exactly what the dark cabal want, which is why they had secretly manufactured the enemy in the first place. This serves as part of their New World Order plans for a global fascist dictatorship.

However, ISIS is different to Al Qaeda in that it is well organised, heavily funded financed to the tune of $2 billion. Sure, we will have to wait for the developments to judge the capability of ISIS.

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