Is There a Difference Between Communication and Socialization for Autistic Children?

Many people are curious if there is a difference between communication and socialization with autistic individuals. First of all, I believe communication and socialization need to be defined.

* Communication according to the dictionary means: To cause another, or others to partake and share, to tell their thoughts, messages and relate a conversation that can be understood.

* Socialization according to the dictionary means: To take part in social activities or groups.

Understanding autism in children with the disorder, most of them have a difficult time communicating. Their speech is usually delayed, there could be a visible problem with language development. This does not mean they lack intelligence or that they are, retarded.

Many children with autism progresses at a slow pace to communicate. The lack of communication can be indicated by the problem with talking, for the fact, they do not understand how the language works.

The other point to consider is, their communication skills may be getting better or show improvement, but there could be a problem for them to understand or recognize how they feel and state their feelings, to deliver their communication. This sometimes becomes complex.

I know a young man who is in his middle teens, who knows vocabulary that is beyond mine, yet he does not communicate his vocabulary or understand what he knows or why he is saying it. He speaks the words, but does not communicate, because he does not know the meaning of the words or how to use them.

Socialization, with autistic individuals is another area that is a challenge. Many people say that people with autism are anti-social and do not want to socialize, this is due to the fact that, they do not understand how to communicate. It is the same for socialization, they do not know how to socialize.

This is frustrating for the person with autism as well as family members, who try to engage them to be more social and try to communicate.

We have two different areas of understanding a little more about autism. Communication and socialization, there is a difference. They are both subjects that relate to each other.

You have to be able to communicate before you can socialize. You have to understand what, how, who and when to communicate. You have to understand language and vocabulary to communicate and relate the language. After you understand communication, you can start to socialize, join groups and activities to interact.

For an individual with the disorder of autism, this is not always easy. It can be challenging and difficult because of their disorder, for them to communicate and socialize because there is a difference.

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