Is There a Disadvantage of Language Development in Children with Autism?

Many children with autism, have a problem with development of language. One of the first symptoms you will want to be aware of, is if, your child has a problem with talking. This disadvantage may show up as abnormal in the first few months of their early age of being a baby.

As a baby, most babies babble, make variety of sounds, but with a baby who has the disorder of autism, that baby usually has a disadvantage by not making a variety of sounds, or even babble, but may make high-pitched squealing sounds.

The other point to consider, as your baby reaches about twelve months old, there appears to be more delays and disadvantages in their language. Babies with autism, usually do not develop the words or communication skills to say "mama," "dada," while other children know how to speak these words and identify them to their subject and be encouraged to say those words, or other words that are simple at this age.

Your child with the disorder of autism may start slowly to progress with his or her disadvantage of language development about the age of four or five. This can be done by making flash cards with words on them and pictures to identify the words, with repetition. But your child may not be able to communicate these words to you or others, in a sentence form.

Usually, by the age your child reaches four years old, their disadvantage of language development is identified, that he or she is unable to use speech to form sentences to ask for what they want and express their needs. Your child may have an immediate need for milk, juice, water, soda. He or she will say, "juice," instead of perhaps, saying, "I would like some juice." or "where is the juice?"

Many children with autism, have a disadvantage of language development by, using the parrot method by listening to people, who use words, but they do not understand what they are saying or what it means. For example, your child may say the word "shopping" over and over again, but not have a clue what is means or how it relates to their thought pattern. They often times use words in repetition form of not knowing how it relates.

Communication with your child who has autism, may go at a slow pace, but encourage your child to use the language he or she has and continue to reinforce their language, to overcome the areas that will hinder your child from learning how to communicate words and understand what they mean.

It takes patience and time, for your child with the disorder of autism, to make progress that will help overcome the disadvantage of their language development. Never give up on them. There are many updated new techniques available. Some of the best techniques are taught by speech therapists or teachers who understand the disadvantage of their language development and are trained in this area.

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