Is Your Child With Autism, Ready to be Hired For Employment?

Many people feel or think children who have autism are not able to be hired for employment. This is not true. The first thing you might want to take into consideration is, if your child is ready to be hired with the disorder of autism, for employment?

Children and young adults with autism have many skills and talents, but you must be wise to determine where these attributes should be placed as far as job skills and advancing those skills to higher levels for your child to go to the next level for learning those new skills.

Each individual is different with their talents and skills. You as parent(s), caregiver(s), must evaluate the individual that wants to have a job for employment.

Here are some of the questions you should consider:

* Find out what their motivation is and interests are?

* Will your child be able to do routine work that is the same every day, or will he or she get bored and require a change in the routine?

* Will your child who is being taken into consideration for hiring for possible employment, be able to deal with loud noises, bright lights, new faces and adjust to new surroundings?

* How will your child be able to get from their job to their home that does not create having a problem?

* Will there be an on-time transportation that is safe, if needed?

* How many hours will your child be able to work before her or she is ready to be hired for employment?

* What is the value of education that your child is able to understand before considering to be hired?

* In addition, will your child be able to work with other employees, without outbursts, when being ready to be hired for a particular employment?

Remember, children,. young adults, with autism have many variations of talents and skills. You as a parent(s),caregiver(s), must try to channel these variations into a positive work environment before your individual is ready to be hired for employment.

Never discourage any individual with the disorder of autism not to work, if they have the desire to, or show abilities to take on new challenges. Always encourage your child to be the best, do the best her or she can.

You will know and your individual with autism, will know if he or she, is ready to be hired for the new work force.

Work with your child if he or she has a desire and is able to be hired for possible employment, by suggesting ideas that would compliment their skills.

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