Is Your Guy A Real Keeper? Find Out Now!

You just happened to have the chance of bumping into the most perfect man you have ever met. He makes you feel like a giddy teen and you just love being with him but does he deserve your long term attention? Love and lust are in two different pages. If you know that you love him, and if he feels the same then that's great! If he's quite unsure and doubtful about it, then twice think. Is he a serious relationship type of guy? Does he swing? Or do you think it's better to just move on?

Here are some signs that your guy is a great keeper and you shouldn't stray away from him:

1. He's a happy person.

He has a great and positive outlook in life and is comfortable in his own skin. He can carry his own weight easily without distracting you. He's happy when he's with you and still the same even when you are apart, but still would say that he misses you a lot. He can always see the silver lining in things and his happiness just rubs off on you. A happy person makes a great companion.

2. He's optimistic.

Why does having an optimistic partner important? Well, misery loves company. An unhappy man begets and unhappy woman. Having to deal with someone who is negative can be draining and contagious. You got enough emotional stress and baggage to last you the whole year (family, work, personal issues) and you don't need more. You don't need to fix this emotional mess of a person since he can fix it himself, all you need to be is become his supporter.

3. He can support himself.

Many men are used to being looked after by their mothers. So don't ever become your partner's mom, secretary or maid. You don't need to clean his mess or look after him. You're his girlfriend and not his maid. If your partner is a keeper, he'll know how to tend himself and not be a burden to you. He's all grown up already. Good for you if he is all mature too. A keeper does his own chores and is responsible with his finances. He handles his problems with subjective and rational thinking and is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it.

4. He expresses his feelings.

Real men talk about their feelings, though some don't want to due to the "macho" image but trust me, real men do. They are not afraid to ask about your feelings either since he is sensitive to both your needs. He tells you he loves you and expresses himself freely but respectfully. A real keeper is someone who can share his emotions honestly. It's an expression of trust for you. If you find that your guy can't explain or express himself then he might be the type to keep things from you.

5. He knows how to treat his and your family and friends.

If you have a guy who would rather stop seeing his friends just for you then this should give off a warning bell. You'd want to say, "but isn't it just sweet?", no it's not. Someone who is willing to drop his friends in an instant is someone who has loyalty issues. Sweet? Is being in a suffocating relationship sweet? I don't think so. If he's fickle enough to leave his friends and family; he could do the same to you. A keeper would not leave behind his friends and family, instead he would take the first move to show you off to his family and friends so you get to know them more and be comfotable with them. Also, he gives you the space to be with your friends and family and not demand that you always spend time with him. He treats his loved ones with respect and he knows how to be loyal to his friends and to you.

In order to find a keeper, you have to be a keeper yourself. So do you think your man is a keeper? Or is he just another phase in your dating life?

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