ISIS/ISIL Is A False-Flag According To NSA Employee

Is ISIS/ISIL hell-bent on wanting to terrorise innocent men, women and children in the name of the Jihad or just a Middle Eastern bogeyman false-flag operation to subjugate we-the-people, make us hand over more of our power to government?

Sure, there is terrorizing but Is the real force behind ISIS/ISIL the same force that also created the amalgamation of Al-Qaeda? According to Wayne Madsen investigative journalist, author, former naval officer and employee of the NSA the answer is yes. He says in so many words that the real force behind ISIS/ISIL is mainly the CIA, the Saudi government and Israel.

ISIS/ISIL is not an indigenous organisation. Their mercenaries are not Jihadists: Yet you hear the political leaders such as UK Prime Minister Cameron, Harper in Canada, Abbott in Australia... and all the other world stage con artists /serial liars saying that ISIS/ISIL is an Islamic organization that needs to be cracked down on...etc, etc, but the truth is ISIS/ISIL is NOT Islamic.

The roughly 12,000 mercenaries making up ISIS/ISIL coming from over 80 different countries have no connections with Islam, nor do their families. This profile is enough to strongly suggest that the group is an artificially manufactured terrorist organization.

It has also been said that the leaders of government know only too well about the secret bankrolls and logistical support from the CIA, the Saudi government and Israel given to ISIS/ISIL. This sounds like a typical neo-con operation. The Middle Eastern bogeyman lie has been bought by the public. The mainstream media spinning this yarn is controlled and dictated to by the very people who invented ISIS/ISIL.

The real lords and masters controlling the planet have created the ISIS/ISIL false flag operation as a pretext for war in Syria and Iraq. If so, then who will be next? How about Iran and then Pakistan..? Wayne Madsen goes on to say that the leaders of ISIS/ISIL are in constant communication with the intelligence agencies such as the CIA. US senator McCain was seen and photographed with ISIS senior Al Baghdadi in Syria... If this is the case then why hasn't McCain been arrested for aiding and abetting a terrorist? Madsen says that the people running ISIS/ISIL are ethnic Chechens who had lived in the Georgian republic working with the CIA. There are others such as those from West China...

We know that ISIS/ISIL is a more sophisticated set-up than Al Qaeda but the latter, it has been said, was also a false flag operation. As with Al Qaeda the ISIS/ISIL false flag has been secretly created by the ruling elite in order to plunge people the world over into endless conflicts while they make many financial and political gains towards their planned global domination agenda.

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