Just Because You Love Chocolate You Don't Have To Eat It

We are all victims of what the media tell us and what they tell us is often fragments of truth that is negativity designed to make us worry.

When you grind it down the media concentrates their efforts on arousing uncertainty in our subconscious. Making families worry, young people worry and business owners worry about what the future will bring.

Large business feeds off this negativity campaigning leaving small business owners to struggle and yes, worry. What if you were told you don't need to join in this campaign of struggle and worry whipped up into a frenzy by our diverse forms of media? You too can continue to build your business and not worry.

How, I hear you ask. Do exactly what big business does. Invest in your business. It is really quite simple.

Take for example cash flow. Businesses biggest bug bear is cash flow, big and small business has to deal with this. You need money to buy stock but you need your debtors to pay their accounts. When they don't pay on time you have a cash flow problem and you cannot buy your stock (or pay your own bills or staff). When this happens your business falls into financial stress and your sales go down because you cannot fund the stock you need to keep the funds coming in. A vicious circle that flows from one business to another putting other fellow business owners under stress.

So do what big business does increase cash flow by borrowing short term. It has to be one of the easiest and smartest ways to grow your business regardless of the negativity the media is feeding you.

The old way of doing this was an overdraft with your banking institution. Whilst these are still viable and available they are not really a wise solution. The reason for this is they become a crutch that you may not need, they have monthly fees and charges regardless of whether you use them or not and can go against you if you wish to borrow money further down the track (and not clear that debt). The other thing is you will have to jump through a load of hoops to get one and they can take more time than what you have to obtain.

Short term business loans are fast and easy. Best of all they are flexible and can be used for all types of business loan needs. If you have a need to clear debt, create cash flow or even expand your business these types of loans are your answer.

A short term loan is not as expensive to obtain as many business owners perceive. Over the life of the loan it is often a much cheaper form of finance than that of an overdraft as it has a finite date. Secure your loan against real estate and you have competitive interest rates that are running close to those in the home mortgage marketplace. However it works out it will always be to your long term benefit if you are managing your business well.

So just because you love chocolate you don't have to eat it, just because the media told you so does not mean you have to believe them.

Katherine Quirke is a Professional Loans Consultant for One Stop Loans Store in Australia. Offering lending assistance to individuals and businesses. In every instance clients are assisted to put them in a better financial position. Visit www.businessloanshop.com.au for more information.

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