Kanchipuram Sarees - Queens of India

Queens of Tamil Nadu, "Kanchipuram Sarees" have 'wowed' even the contemporary audience of today.

Sarees are the most wondrous creations of India. These are universally appraised winsome attires of women. A woman looks more beautiful when she drapes a Saree, especially Tamil Nadu sarees. Just as India is famous for its tradition and cultures, Tamil Nadu is famous for its Kanchipuram Sarees. These Tamil Nadu queens are occupying the best places of wardrobes today.

Beauty varies according to the eyes of beholder, but Kanchipuram sarees are always evergreen and everlasting ensembles of India. These are the perfect companions of women for any grand occasion. Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram Sarees are made in Kanchi, which is located in Tamil Nadu. According to Legends of Hindu mythology, the master weavers of god's were made this beautiful and charming attire using Lotus fibre. Later, this concept was again introduced by the same Kanchi weavers. Earlier, it is a belief that the weavers of Kanchi are direct descendants of Sage markanda and it is also said that Lord Shiva paid interest to wear Kanchi cotton fabrics where as Lord Vishnu preferred silks. Today, we are getting much more varieties of fabrics from Kanchi. Weavers of Kanchi legendarily executed these fabrics as queens. Kanchipuram saree requires skilled weavers along with passion and dedication towards work. In weaving a pure Kanchipuram saree, weavers use pure mulberry silk leaves. By worming the leaves, they produce pure silk threads by means of cocoons. Now days, weavers are involving silver and gold threads and other fabrics along with silk and cottons.

Here, weaver uses three different shuttles in weaving. Weavers work on both sides of shuttles at a time to get the stiff fabric. Kanchipuram sarees are special for their borders and designs. These are quite different from the body of the saree. They separately weave body and pallus, then delicately joins them. It provides a good canvas for judicious use of designs like zig zag works, zari works, embroidery and kundan works, patch works and other heavy works. The basic motifs designs of Kanchipuram sarees involves suns, moons, peacocks, parrots, flowers, mangoes, coins, lions, chariots, swans, leaves and other beautiful patterns.

Mallinagu and thandavalam are the famous motifs of Kanchipuram sarees earlier. Nowadays, different morifs and stone works are glimpsing these sarees. Very heavy embellishments and works are applied by the weavers today specifically for weddings. We can get Kanchipuram sarees easily from anywhere across the globe and with minimum starting price of 2500/- and maximum reaches up to 100000/-. Kanchipuram silk sarees with gold and silver thread works are perfect festival wears. These embroidery cotton sarees exhibits embellishments during functions, night parties and other grand occasions. Designer Kanchipuram Sarees with heavy embroidery and motif works are apt for wedding and bridal ceremonies.

With flawless creations, Kanchipuram is enjoying the attention of global viewers today.

Akeera About the Author :a freelancer long associated with ethnic fabrics, known for her special leaning towards ethnic sarees. She enjoys the privilege of being a part-time consultant to Unnati Silks. She may be contacted on 040-64555251 or 97000 57744 between 9 A.M.and 3 P.M. E-mail her at unnatikaro@gmail.com. http://www.unnatisilks.com/sarees-online/by-popular-variety-name-sarees/kanchipuram-silk.html

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