Keeping Bucks Classy - How to Appease the Misses and Still have an Awesome Night

So, is it possible to defy the odds and plan a Bucks Do that is just enjoyable for everyone involved? A night out that doesnt get your best mate into trouble and you banned from Sunday Lunch invites before he has even walked down the isle? Yes - it totally is and your evening will be all the better for it. And it is even possible to do this whilst on the Gold Coast! Who would have thought!

This Bucks Party is quality. In every which way. Its refined, not raucous, gentlemanly not gentile, saucy not seedy, and its pissed - not plastered. Just perfect quality. Chaps - On offer is a VIP private lounge in an exclusive Broadbeach bar with a two hour bar tab that includes spirits and a tantalising burlesque performance straight from 1930's New York. Do your best mate proud, keeps his missus happy, appease the father in law and exceed your friends expectations. Phew - get this man a drink.

Located in the classy side of Surfers, this Broadbeach icon is described as the 'benchmark of nightlife on the Coast', it's the venue the beautiful people flock to and it's a challenge getting a bucks group into this place, but just for you we have greased palms and worked out contacts. Renowned for its exciting line up of stage & aerial shows, DJ's and events, not only have we got you boys in - but you are VIPing it all the way. We have booked you into a private lounge in this exclusive hang out with platters of top notch canapes and two hours of free flowing drinks that include Spirits and mean no man shall pass a note across that bar.

As means of entertainment we will step you back in time to the days of class where a good looking broad got you hot under the collar through just the suggestion of skin. Your stunning corset clad Lolita performs a tantalising Burlesque show, entertains the guys and your Buck. It's a memorable performance that will leave you all wanting more.

It is a perfect send off for a stella guy that creates a memorable night, enough class to carry on through, is raunchy enough to cause a stir but not sleazy enough to bring you grief. Your invite to their Sunday Lunches will long continue. Look no further, your work here is done my friend.

Scarlett Bond just loves a good party - no matter where or when. So it made sense for her to party for a living. It turns out she is too old and cant do hangovers anymore so now she organises, writes and blogs for Bucks Night Ideas filling it with all things Bucks and at Hens Night Ideas resplendent for all things Hens. Happy hangovers. Scarlett x

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