Key Differences Exist Between Bank Personal Loans and Peer to Peer Lenders

Quick approval signature loans can now be applied for online, signed and submitted. Funds will be in the borrowers account within a few hours. Since credit problems have been on the rise over the years, many borrowers are on the rise as well. Most peer-to-peer loans are unsecured loans that are made to individuals rather than a company and intermediary entities are involved.

Quick approval signature loans are backed up by the borrower's credit rating. There is no collateral back- up. Signature loans are characterized by installment loans whereby one can borrow one time for a specified loan and pay a fixed monthly payment until the loan is paid off. If the borrower maintains the good credit rating, they will always encounter lower rates in the long run. Quick approval signature loans are available to borrowers with bad credit as well depending on the lender. Interest rates are high, and payment terms may vary. Some payment terms are stringent, while others may be lenient. Lenders that are dealing with unsecured loans do face greater risks. If things go bad for the borrower, lenders have nothing to fall back on such as property.

Peer-to-Peer (P2PL) lending takes place online on P2PL lending websites. Loans come from individuals as opposed to entities such as a bank. Websites will allow an individual to post a loan request online and individuals will step in and fund the loan. The interest rates and terms are set by lenders who compete for the lowest ratings. Lending intermediaries that are involved are for profit business purposes only. They generate revenue by collecting a one-tine fee on funded loans. Since these services are automated, entities involved tend to operate with lower overheads; as such, interest rates tend to be lower so that they can earn higher returns.

Borrowers with good credit ratings get lower interest rates and can apply for bigger loans in cases of quick approval signature loans. Loans run anywhere from 3 to 5 years. However, if you ask for a 5-year loan as opposed to a 3-year loan, you may pay extra. One is better off paying the loan off in 3 years. When you apply for a loan associated with a fee, a percentage of it is lost in the original amount applied for; for example, if you needed $ 10,000 and the closing fee is 5% the amount received in your account would be $9,474.

Obtaining lower rates depends upon a borrower's credit history, payment terms, and the lender. Accurate comparison for either entity may be difficult. Individual research for the best payment terms based on the individual's situation, and obtaining information about the lender would be recommended.

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