Kidnapping the Buck? Relax - It's Just a Prank!

So if you do any kind or research on Bucks or Stag Do's you will find articles on pranks that have gone (hilariously in some situations, hideously in others) wrong. But it doesnt have to be that extreme. It can be just a boys prank that is fun for all - including the Buck.

It's a time honoured tradition and an opportunity that you can not pass up. Bucks and pranks go hand in hand like beer and pizza and you will be doing your mate a serious disservice if you fail to deliver. So try this on for size..... Kidnaped from his own front door by a naughty Nurse with an 'emergency'. Bundled into rock star transport for the ride of his life in a full blown Fire Engine. Stop off in New Farm Park and make use of that hose. This is your final chance to settle those scores - its pay back time.

As your buck answers his door (knock knock). He is greeted with the sight of a fully-fledged Fire Engine out the front of his house and a scantily clad nurse standing at his door. "Its an emergency" she says. "I need your help" she begs. "Come with me" she demands. He is rushed on board the emergency vehicle and finds his mates there waiting, a now topless nurse and as the tunes start blasting it suddenly dawns on him that there may be more to this 'emergency' than he originally though. 2 hours of touring the bright lights of Brisvegas, fully fitted out with drink storage and a pumping sound system including big subs, these original Fire Engines are fully BYO, do you think they can squeeze through a drive through?

It's a true head turning mode of transport, guaranteed to strike envy and awe into the people you pass - and they don't even know about the topless chick passing you beers in the back! Now, lovely as Brisbane may be, it's not really that large so you may need to find a way to fill some time.....and what do fire trucks have at the ready that every Bucks obviously needs? That's right! Plenty of ropes and a fully operating, 'guaranteed-to-be-drenching' fire-fighting hose. I will leave the rest to your imagination but just to say, it might be wise to pack your Buck a change of clothing and a video camera.

Arrive in style to the middle of Brisbane's CBD - sirens blaring and lights flashing. Bid farewell to your travel companion as you leave her to dry off a bit. It's a show stopping entrance that ensures you Buck the attention he deserves! With a drink waiting on arrival, your boys will be welcomed at our 'slap-bang-in-middle-of-things' restaurant. Its relaxed vibe and alfresco outlook makes this Brisbane gem perfect for a gang of lads - its almost like we had it built just for you. Served down the centre and consisting of Chargrilled Italian Sausage & Spanish Chorizo, Homemade Meatballs in a Sugo Sauce, Wood Fired Garlic Pizza and Salt & Pepper Calamari among other joys, it's a chance to recharge and recover before heading off for whatever awaits you next.

It's a night that goes down in history, tales to be retold in the hushed whisper that lives with 'the law of the stag', passed down through generations as a pinnacle that can never be matched and you - as the best man - will be forever be admired as the maker of marvels.

Scarlett Bond likes to think of herself as witty, clever and intelligent. She is a bubbly, fun, organiser, blogger and planner of Bucks Dos and Hens Parties. Wait - wrong profile. This isnt Check out the awesome websites Bucks Night Ideas for Bucks ideas and Hens Night Ideas for Hens ideas. And yes, I am still single.

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