Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu grass is one of many types of grass. It is a grass that can withstand heat and also do well under shady areas. It grows and repairs very fast, it is inexpensive to purchase, and requires minimal care to remain healthy. For a long time, Kikuyu lawn has been the first choice for areas expected to be under heavy wear and tear such as soccer and gold grounds. This is because it will repair itself from wear and tear quickly and faster than any other grass type.

Features Of A kikuyu grass

It has a light green grass with flat folded leaves. If left alone, it can grow to the height of 18 inches. Its roots are the secret to how it can spread throughout your lawn. It has high tolerance to diseases, drought, insects and hot temperatures. It also maintains a very good color even in cold season. It is an excellent grass for soil erosion because it grows very well where other grasses cannot. This makes it suitable for sports fields.

Since kikuyu grass is suitable for very high traffic due to its quick repair capabilities, many homeowners also prefer the grass. When you have busy children playing football or slid and slide in the backyard, or you have active dogs in the compound, nothing will outshine kikuyu lawn. It will repair itself from any damage at the fastest speed possible. In fact, it can keep up with the busiest home compound.

Caring For kikuyu grass

Even though kikuyu grass can withstand harsh temperatures, it is important to care for it the same as any other grass. Make sure the soil is tested to identify which kind of nutrients it lacking and from there you can tell the kind of fertilize it needs. During the cold seasons, fertilizing your grass is recommended. Applying fertilizer during the cold season shows your grass will be of high quality during the hot season. If your lawn is still having a good color by the end of the season, you can apply the fertilizer later.

Watering is also very important. You need to water your grass regularly to replace the amount of moisture lost by evaporation. Less or too much water will stress your grass. Early in the morning or late in the evening would be the best time to water your grass.

The kikuyu lawn in your yard will be at its best only if you give it enough care. You can also involve a professional gardener to help you learn more about the grass and how to take care of it.

Negatives Of Kikuyu grass

Just like any other type of grass, Kikuyu lawn does have its negative side. Since it is very quick to repair due to its fast growing nature, it also means more lawn mowing than any other type of grass. It therefore sensible to choose a male sterile Kikuyu grass which is less likely to produce viable seed heads. Removing kikuyu lawn involves more than grab and pull. You need to carefully pull it off the ground using a fork or a spade and make sure that no part of it is left behind.

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