Knit camBRIDGE Covers a Bridge and Mattresses with Regard to Charity

A group of knitters within Cambridge, Boston has sparked what is likely the world's largest yarn bombing of the bridge. The actual project, called Knit camBRIDGE encourages knitters and crochet enthusiasts to knit or crochet anything they care to and add to the project. At the end of the task, all of the knit and crochet work that is on the bridge will be converted into blankets to cover cold mattresses for charity.

The bridge being yarn bombed is the Main Road Bridge in Cambridge. There aren't any prerequisites to participate. Though the initial drop-off date had been set at the conclusion of June, the knitting was installed on Main Street Bridge upon September 9, 2010 and was up as a sizable-size piece of outdoor art until September 30. For those who were not able participate prior to June but still want to bring about the bed mattress warming cause, follow these instructions:

"Knitted pieces of any size are going to be accepted but preference is perfect for:

1. Items 21" x 27" to cover the 267 handrails about the bridge

2. Pieces 6" or 8" wide by 50"--60" long to cover 303 handrail areas

3. Items as long as you like that are 8", 10" or even 22" wide

4. Pieces 30" broad, minimum 12" long, optimum 4 ft long to cover columns

You may use any kind of yarn, pattern, colour and knitting method you wish.

Make sure you drop the actual pieces off (or mail to) the Cambridge Center for the Arts, 60 Dickson Street, Cambridge, N1R 8N1 The Arts Centre is available at (519) 740-4681 ext. 4376.

Please attach a piece of paper to the sewing with your name, address, telephone number and email. Sue would like all the knitting submitted by the end of June if at all possible. The sewing will be up on the bridge September 9-30." (from the site:

But knitting sections to be turned into scarves and blankets with regard to charity isn't the only way to help out. For those who live in the Cambridge area, knitters and crochet enthusiasts are going to be turning everything yarn into useful blankets and scarves. Contacting the Cambridge Arts Centre may put interested crafters in contact with the team that will complete the items.

Winter is right around the corner and there are many males, women, and youngsters who will be cold within their beds mattresses without the charitable help of others. Knit camBRIDGE combines crafting with art along with charity to reach out and help lots of people.

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