Labrador Puppies in a New Home

Buying Labrador puppies are probably one of the most exciting events in a family home.

Although it is exciting for the whole family it can be a bit overwhelming for eight week old Labrador puppies; excitable shrieking children, cooing and clucking adults -- friends, family and neighbours all clamouring to see the new arrival.

It is very important to establish a routine for your new Labrador puppies as routine gives the puppy security, stability and comfort (much as in the case of young children)!! Your Labrador is much less likely to suffer anguish and stress if he knows his routine.

The diet for Labrador Puppies

Firstly it is important to continue to feed your Labrador puppies small and regular meals throughout the day (much as his breeder should have done) which should consist mainly of a good quality complete dry puppy mixture -- with of course the puppy having access at all times to clean fresh water. Strictly no cows milk should ever be fed to the puppy as the pasturising process which milk for human consumption undergoes, plays havoc with both a dog and puppy's digestion and you will have copious quantities of diarrhoea to clean up!!! Similarly, make sure that your children and visitors do not feed your Labrador puppy unsuitable tit-bits, for example crisps, biscuits, cake and sweets. Raw meat should not be given to he puppy; however, cooked chicken (with the skin removed), cooked white fish, cooked vegetables and boiled rice may make a welcome supplementary treat for your puppy. Many breeders feed scrambled egg (cooked as though for human consumption) to their pregnant/nursing bitches and their puppies as it is light on the digestive systems, but is high in protein. Chicken bones whether cooked or uncooked should NEVER be fed to your Labrador puppy or even an adult dog as the bones splinter and can get caught in the dogs throat or pierce/rupture the lining of the dog/puppy's stomach -- and a very expensive vet bill would ensue if either of those events were to occur!!!!

Bedtime for your Labrador Puppy

Although it is very exciting to have new Labrador puppies in the home -- please make sure that the puppy is given plenty of opportunities to rest. A bed in a quiet corner into which the puppy can sink into and rest is the ideal. There are many lovely looking/expensive dog beds on the market, but whilst you have a puppy who is not yet fully house-trained and is still liable to chew as well as grow on a daily basis; a cardboard box lined with old sweaters, blankets or perhaps an old duvet will suffice.

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