Last Chance For Outdoor Dining Romance

When you live in the northern reaches of the country it usually seems like spring comes late and fall comes early. While it may be nice to think about enjoying hot apple cider and warm bowls of chili, it is not quite time to let go of summer yet. There are still a few weekends left to enjoy it, and many Appleton, Wisconsin restaurants have just the way with dining options on their outdoor patios.

Even with a little nip in the air, there is something thrilling about dining outside. It becomes a more social event, a bit of a celebration even, because it is something that cannot be done on a regular basis. Even during the height of summer, the chances to dine outside are hard to come by, and when the falling leaves are replaced with falling snow, it means no more chances at all for another half a year. Most of these restaurants are not going to let summer go without a fight.

They know how much people enjoy dining and drinking outside when they can, so they are going to help extend that option as long as possible by designing outdoor dining patios that are resistant to the wind. Already some casual fine dining restaurant owners are starting to roll out the ubiquitous propane heaters that people are so familiar with. Each year, these devices seem to become more efficient and effective, allowing people to remain comfortably outside deep into the autumn.

Sometimes the best way to socialize is not with a dozen but just with a duo. People talk about spring, with the blooming flowers and budding trees, as being the most romantic time of the year - and it is - but part of what charges any romance is the feeling of change in the air. Imagine a quiet dinner outside, the colors of the fading sunset painting the sky overhead, a quick whiff on the breeze now and again of a wood burning stove, perhaps even a fire pit there on the patio, as much for atmosphere and ambiance as it is for effect, all while enjoying a sumptuous meal made from the freshest ingredients and authentic flavors, eventually lingering over one final cocktail before having to say goodnight.

Before too long the chance will be gone. Winter will have settled in and when you go out to your favorite Appleton, Wisconsin restaurants, you might find yourself looking wistfully out at their outdoor dining patio and wishing you had taken advantage of it one last time before the season was over. Now is that time. Make those plans before it is too late and enjoy the feel of summer slipping away and fall sneaking in. Just remember that if her teeth start chattering to move the date inside.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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