Laughter Will Benefit Your Autistic Child and You -- How?

Laughter will benefit your autistic child and you by facial expressions, laughable sounds, merriment, elation, express happy animation, gaiety, and to become joyful.

It may be difficult to have laughter with your child who has the disorder of autism, because of its many complexities and behavioral patterns. As parent(s), caregiver(s), you can become too serious and forget about how imperative it is to learn to laugh and relieve some of the stress that surrounds you through out the day.

Another benefit is to develop a playful attitude towards problems. Let them be handled with a lighter touch and not to be handled so seriously when tough challenges need to be dealt with. Obtaining laughter through out the day, calms your temper, helps keep your nerves from jumping and being tied up in knots. Laughter will bring release from stress which is another excellent benefit for you and your child with autism.

It is wise to learn laughter from doing what little children do. Put yourself in their position of trying to think their thoughts, participating in their games, listening to their dreams and dreaming with them, adding your input to their imagination and making it happen.

Laughter heals your emotions from being overwhelmed and sets positive healing vibrations into motion. This is another benefit that makes you feel lighter and not to be so serious. In addition, wrinkles in your face have often disappeared from having stress, because of the benefit of laughter.

For me, to benefit from laughter when I realize it is not easy at times, I usually start to tell a funny story about myself and it will make me laugh. Some suggestions for you could be,

* Going to a movie that has comedy.

* Read a book that is comical.

* Read the funnies in the newspaper,

* Take a walk and imagine you are walking in a magical setting and you are going to make all the trees pink because you have the authority to do this, now that you have become the king or queen. Make up an imaginary story to make you laugh.

* Have fun with ideas of how you can make yourself laugh, so you will gain the benefit of being relaxed.

* Making your difficulties comical or looking at them from a lighter side to make them funny, is the secret step to laughter.

At the end of your day, sit down in a chair and reflect on what happened during the day with your autistic child. For example, you may have lost your temper with your child, you were too serious, or you chose not to participate with one of the activities your child was involved in, you became angry over something minor or felt extremely stressed.

Learn from reflecting on the difficulties you may have encountered during that day. Make an effort the next time those issues occur, that you will remember to start to laugh at some of those problems or challenges that you handled too seriously with your child who has autism. You will gain positive benefits for your child and you. It is imperative to remember, never laugh at your child with autism, but laugh with him or her for enjoyment. Make it fun, not cruel.

Meet each new day with a sense of humor. Humor brings laughter and it helps keep your child calm and also you calm. Laughter is truly the best medicine. It is healing and it is enjoyable. It is a positive benefit that will add many years to your life and it will give more of your time for other areas, because there will not be as much stress to cope with during the day.

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