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Number 4 in a series of short articles by a Victorian educator, author real estate agent. Property Aspect - What's That?

When people talk about property it is very common to hear location, location, location and I certainly agree that location is very important but so too is aspect. What do I mean by that?

I always make the comment with a smile, that nobody has every told me that they want to buy or rent a dark property. You know the one where you have to have the lights on in the middle of the day. The one where there is never any sunlight streaming into a room. The French use the word glauque that I think really does describe the gloomy feel that a property with little light feels like.

It is vitally important for you to understand where the light comes from and what light will come into the property you are considering. I lived in northern Canada for a long time and we all knew that you had to face south to get any warmth whatsoever. Well here in the Southern Hemisphere it is the opposite. The sun crosses the sky from the east to west in the northern part of our skies. In cities to the south like Melbourne and Hobart aspect is critical. The further north you go in Australia the sun moves east to west more directly overhead and so the importance of northern aspect lessens.

So now you know north is important. If you are looking at a property that runs north south where will you want the sun and light during the day? Probably at the back of the house if that is where the family room and entertaining area is. If some rooms have to face south it is better that they be bedrooms. What if the property runs east west? Then the east end gets the morning light and the west-facing end gets the harsh westerly sun.

There are other things, which influence aspect such as views. I think we all realise that the property that overlooks the ocean has a particularly good aspect. Sometimes a choice has to be made between competing aspects. You may choose to have a city view but the only way to do so is to face south. As long as you are confident that the one you choose far out weighs the other then go ahead.

If you are inspecting a property notice if the lights are on or off. Establish which rooms will get the light during different parts of the day. Sometimes the property may face north but there is a line of high tees in the neighbour's yard, which block the light. Which rooms have the views? Understanding all these elements will help you to decide if the property has the ambiance you need to be happy there and equally as important, gives the property more appeal to a tenant or future purchaser.

It is more difficult to sense this if you are buying an off-the-plan- property. You really need to ascertain where the apartment you are considering is in the block. Go to the site and check if there are any buildings nearby that may block or change your aspect. I am often annoyed at how developers often charge the same for same size apartments in an off-the-plan block. They will not be worth the same once they are built. You can be sure that the ones with the best light will sell for more in the future.

So remember to take particular note of the aspect.

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