Let Caved In Versions Become Your Best Minecraft Game

If you a faith fan of Minecraft games, you shouldn't miss the chance to enjoy a fantastic adventure game - Caved In. This is one of the most difficult games Minecraft lovers cannot beat it. How about you, guys? Let's go and explore them now. Then, you know how to defeat it and its versions.

The outstanding point Of Caved in versions
The aim of the versions is to help players learn how to solve an issue in a strange location. In Caved in and Caved In 2, a little boy falls into a terrible cave. He tries his best to ascend the surface, but God doesn't support him. This is a great occasion for Minecraft fans to prove themselves by taking him out of the cave as soon as they can. Each version has an impressive point.

Caved In:
This version is simple. Gamers just guide the boy through different paths of the cave to find the ladder. Once he reaches it, he completes a level. Challengingly, they have to deal with water and lava. If they make the way to move forward, both of the liquids will follow the boy. As one of them catches him, he will be drawn and dead. To prevent the death, the gamers must use available bricks to make high walls and stop the water and lava. During the game, the boy feels comfortable to collect gems and save 5 trapped ladies.

Caved In 2:
This second version is more dramatic and interesting than the previous one - Caved In. The boy not only deals with the water and lava, but also faces dangerous creepers. These creatures hide everywhere in the cave. While moving around it, he must be careful. If the gamers let the creepers eat him, they are poor losers.

How To Beat All Levels and Get a Win In Caved In Game
The best thing to win the game and complete all levels in the best time is the issue-solving skills. In each of the stages of the journey, the players have to pay attention to everything in front of their way to handle it well. As detecting the lava or water, hurry up to move to another way. Watch out for the creepers! They often hide behind the blocks. Please beware of them as you just 2 bright eyes. Stay away from them to taking the long adventure. Your glory is up to your agility and resolving skills.

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