Let's Fly With Flappy Mario And Luigi Racing

Are you addicted to Flappy Bird games? Nowadays, there are many versions launched on the Internet. It seems that these versions are more interesting and challenging than ever the old ones. That is why people get excited at them. Don't believe in that? Play Flappy Mairo And Luigi Racing to check how more awesome it is.

Different Points Between Flappy Mario And Luigi Racing And Flappy Bird
Flappy bird turns back with various versions, but players won't meet their little cute bird anymore. They enjoy a wonderful adventure with Mario brothers. Mario and Luigi are also curious about the world like your bird. They want to fly and watch nice landscapes as well as put their feet on new lands they have never seen.

For Flappy Mario And Luigi Racing, the players can enjoy the game with their friends or alone. The game sets up 2 modes, including the 1-player and 2-player. If there is no one around, you can explore the game by 1-player mode, allowing you to control Mario. If you want to gain a lot of fun with your close friend, call him and you both control each character. If any side is dead first, they are a loser. That is the new point of this game.

Mario Brothers and Their Challenges
In the game, Mario and Luigi role-play as cute-human birds to fly over the forest with many different difficulties and hazards. Obstacles are created by vertical green pipes. That is so terrifying. Do you dare to guide your characters through those pipes? I think when you open Flappy Mario And Luigi Racing, you have yet thought that Mario and his brother occur in Flappy Bird world, right? Let's venture with them and see surprises the game gives you.

The players aid Mario and Luigi to fly across the pipes by tapping. Among these challenging obstacles, there are many gaps, but the distance is just about 2 cm. it is so tough to control characters. To follow them at the end of the adventure, gamers should keep in mind that:

Fly Over Challenging Gaps Strategically
While flying, try to avoid the pipes to reach the gaps wisely. To do that, tap characters regularly. Timing is very important. It decides the distance Mario and Luigi can go. The longer they stay in the journey, the more unexpected things they can open.

Keep Eyes Open At All Time
The game always requires your concentration. If you lose your control of the characters, they are easy to fall off the ground and die. Keep your eyes open to solve situations quickly.

Play Flappy Mario And Luigi Racing here: http://flyingbirdgames.com/view/4/flappy-mario-and-luigi-racing.html. let's see how greater it is than Flappy Bird.

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