Local Fusion Commotion

Have you been to your local Latin fusion restaurant yet? Are you not sure if you even have one within traveling distance? Well, let me tell you a thing or two! These restaurants are cropping up all over America right now, coasting on a rise in the celebration of Pan-Hispanic and Latin American culture. As a Hispanic American, this is an exciting milestone! Not that our food has ever not been popular here, but there's all kinds of reasons for this spike, and it's not really all that sudden if you think about it.

Latin fusion food is based on a premise that should be familiar to everyone living in the United States of America. It's all about taking different culinary elements - things like recipes, food preparation techniques, and ingredients like plants and spices - and bringing them together to create something that is brand new. This type of innovation is something of a mix and match method, or a contrast and compare, borrowing from all kinds of cultures underneath the blanket terms 'Hispanic' and 'Latin American' - Chilean, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, etc. - and creating a localized 'melting pot' culinary experience... right in our local communities. Fusion is making this type of food even more accessible than ever before, and sourcing the materials and recipes in a way that is much more authentic and connected to the traditional experience of the cultures these things have been borrowed from. Now, if that doesn't get your mind going and your stomach growling, I don't know what to tell you!

I say that you should never trust someone who isn't a fan of a good margarita (with or without alcohol - I, of course, welcome my friends who do not drink!) and a plate of chips and guacamole. This, to me, represents the highlight of leisure time and good eating. So, maybe I am personally not that hard to please, and I am certainly not a foodie, but I am a Hispanic woman living in the modern era and I love to experiment with new foods and dining experiences. I like to think that my extensive life experience in this arena informs my opinions on fusion food in a positive and intelligent way. I don't always just go out with friends and kick back - I am, at heart, a family person. Family and food, actually, are pretty much the pillars that hold my culture together! Fine family dining in a Latin fusion restaurant is something else indeed.

I've never seen my entire family so pleased at a single meal. If I'm the easiest to please - and keep in mind I'm a pescatarian that loves spicy food - my grandmother is the most difficult to please when it comes to dining out. She has very specific moods and things that she likes, and doesn't often like to deviate from them. We found something for both of us on the fusion menu when we celebrated her birthday last week, and I think she has a brand new favorite restaurant!

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