Looking For Gluten Free Dining In Appleton

People across the country are embracing a gluten free diet. For some people suffering from Celiac disease and other gluten allergies, this is a matter of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while others feel that by eliminating gluten from their diet, they feel like they have more energy and may even succeed in losing a few pounds. Whether it is a medical necessity or a lifestyle choice, looking for gluten free dining in Appleton, Wisconsin is something more and more people are doing.

Gluten is a pair of naturally occurring protein found in wheat, which means it is present in flour, bread and many other common staples. Because of its effect on texture - it is the reason dough has its elasticity - it is also used as an additive for many other food products as well. This means that it can be harder to determine if there is gluten present in something that would not normally have it.

To avoid any "accidental" gluten, the best first step is to find a casual fine dining restaurant that predominantly works with fresh non-processed food. Unfortunately, many national chain restaurants that rely on food that is processed elsewhere and then shipped to their location may not always have the necessary information handy to determine if gluten has been added to something to help work as a preservative, stabilizer or other reason. And during a busy lunch or dinner shift, the server may not have the time - or want to make the time - to get the proper answer. A restaurant that creates all of their menu items from scratch typically works with far fewer ingredients and can easily determine if there is any gluten in a dish.

A style of dining that has become popular in general and is also a good choice for people looking for gluten free dining in Appleton is Latin fusion food. Like most authentic food coming from Mexico and other Central and South American countries, it is corn and not wheat that acts as the base for many of the dishes and as the staple grain. For instance, most authentic Latin fusion chefs would not even think of using flour tortillas but instead use only tortillas made from corn.

Another reason that Latin fusion food works so well for a gluten free diet is the emphasis it places on using fresh fruits, vegetables and spices for most aspects of a meal. Even when it comes to sauces and gravy there is a major difference. Most typical sauces made in restaurants use flour as a thickening agent, but since wheat flour is such a rarity in the countries that have given rise to this style of cooking, chefs rely on other, non-gluten containing ingredients when making their sauces.

Although many restaurants today offer a few gluten free options, people looking for gluten free dining in Appleton have many choices, and Latin fusion dining is the way to go.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for 20 years. http://www.osorioslatinfusion.com

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