Low Sugar Diet For Your Health...But I Need My Chocolate!

75 percent of our immune system is in our digestive track, and that includes your stomach. This makes the popular phrase "You are what you eat" more important than it has ever been.

In general, our immune system does a miraculous job of guarding our bodies against microorganisms that can make us sick and or kill us. Unfortunately, perfection does not exist, not even in our immune system, and pathogens can be very intelligent.

In addition to intelligent pathogens, which is anything that can cause disease and make us sick, our behavioral habits such as diets low in nutritional value, and lack of exercise, weakens our immune system. A weaken immune system makes self-healing difficult if not impossible.

Furthermore, activities such as cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol in access create an ideal environment for pathogens to thrive. Much of immune systems self-healing properties can be enhanced, with a proper diet and moderate exercise.

Moreover, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease can be prevented through lifestyle habits that include getting enough sleep, abstaining from substance abuse and eating a proper diet.

For some reason, too many of us feel deprived if we can't eat foods that contain too much sugar, and bad fats that wreak havoc on our immune system. Our immune system cannot do their job, when they are weighed down by too much belly fat, and chemicals such as those found in processed foods.

On the other hand, a diet low in fat and sugar can be expensive. Honey, a great alternative to processed sugar, is quadruple the price, not to mention only the one percent can afford to eat salmon more than once a month.

Those being the case, include a fresh green salad to lunch and dinner meals. Salad greens can be nutritious, affordable, and packed full of the vitamins and minerals that support a healthy disease fighting immune system. But don't smother your salad with a salad dressing full of bad fat.

Consider olive oil and vinegar or a low fat, low calorie ranch dressing. Try broiling or grilling your meat instead of frying meat with oils high in saturated fat. Create a family tradition of taking a short walk after an early dinner or just dance after a late dinner.

Any form of moderate exercise along with a nutritious diet can help your immune system do a better job of protecting your body from a chronic illness or an opportunistic infection.

Incidentally, a diet with too much processed sugar can damage your collagen and make you look older that you are. Processed sugar combined with the saturated fat found in ice cream is also known as a sweet death. Now this doesn't mean don't eat ice cream or fired foods, it means practice moderation, and you should live longer.

You've heard the term "low sugar diet" and it makes you cringe...there are proven supplements that can help!

Don't deprive yourself!

I am not suggesting you can indulge all you want and just take a supplement and you are good to go. But when you feel that urge and just can't shake it (that time of the month, ladies?), take one and enjoy your moment of indulgence.

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