Lusted Icon: Why Do We Have a Love Affair with the Ferrari?

It is an image that has adorned you bedroom wall, an icon that has you drooling, a lusted after vision that models are crafted on. It's Pamela Anderson - only kidding (we have to draw the line somewhere).

We all know that the world has a wonderful love affair with the Ferrari - In many ways this is better than Pammy as you actually get to touch it. A Ferrari 360 Modena AND a Lamborghini Gallardo AND we actively encourage you to make these ladies purr. The open roads of the Mornington Peninsular, a supercar lead instructor and half a day to make your teenage fantasy a reality. What Bucks get better than this?

Some say that all of his legs are hydraulics and that his sweat can be used to clean precious metals. All we know is that it is like the unveiling of The Stig when your Supercar Lead Instructor shows how you really drive a car. A quick demo on the driving differences between these two superpowers of Italian engineering from your master of all things motor, then slip into the luxurious leather driving seats of the world's most desirable supercars for an unforgettable experience. With shared driving time in both the Ferrari and the Lamborghini take these beauties out for a spin and compare their virtues. No traffic lights, no rush hour, just you, a luxury sports car and the open roads of the Mornington Peninsular.

The Ferrari 360 Modena was born to be a racer, powered by a mid-mounted 3.6-liter V8 that pumps out a raucous 400 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and a top speed of 304kph. Italian Masterpieces don't come much more recognisable than this, hear the unmistakable roar as you accelerate from 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds, round bends and past spots such as Flinders, Cape Schank Lighthouse and The Gunnamatta Surf Beach. So much better than a circuit. From one Supercar to another as you trade the Ferrari for a deluxe Lamborghini Gallardo. This high performance engine is as refined as it is aggressive with a 500hp V10 engine, a top speed of 309kph and acceleration of 0 to 100 in 4.2 seconds. A design that turned cars into fantasies for 14 year old boys and with specs to match, it's a turn on of a motoring masterpiece and it's all yours.

Back at the Supercar Club House it's all red carpet receptions and celebrations as they try to pry you out of their luxury motors with bribes and glasses of bubbles. Yes, you do have to give these cars back and no, don't believe them if they tell you Pammy is inside waiting. You have lusted for so many years to feel the power and glory and finally, thanks to the man of the moment (that's you by the way), you can speak with certainty of these cars prowess on the tarmac. You have given your buck so much more than awesome send off, it's a dream come true!

What better chance to drive the worlds most lusted after car than in the lead up to a wedding! I think that sounds pretty awesome! Bring on the Ferrari!

Scarlett Bond loves all things Wedding - and is obssessed with The Awesome Stag, Bachelor Party and Bucks Night Ideas at My Ultimate Bucks! She also dreams about Hens Night Ideas at My Ultimate Hens i.e cocktails and pampering! Who doesn't love a great wedding, and a great ferrari? Raise a glass of your finest Scotch and Stay Classy, Scarlett x

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