Make Thanksgiving Exciting With A Bus Tour From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

The Thanksgiving holiday may be the last time before Christmas to take a fun getaway, so why not make it something special? A trip to Vegas may be in order, and once you're there, you should see the Grand Canyon since it is so close, and if you go on a bus tour, it's affordable too.

Vegas is the best place to take a Canyon tour because you'll find tours there for both the South Rim and the West Rim. The West Rim is closest to Vegas at about 100 miles from The Strip. The South Rim is much farther away, and the ride there will take about 5 and one half hours when you go by bus. No matter which rim you go to, all the buses make a quick stop at Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for a photo op.

Bus Tours To The West Rim

The West Rim is known for fun and adventure. The basic tour takes you to the Canyon and then brings you back later the same day. However, you can add on some fun adventures depending on what you want to do there and how much money you want to spend.

One thing you can add on is Skywalk VIP tickets. These tickets give you priority access to the massive steel and glass viewing platform that hangs over the edge of the rim. You can walk 70 feet beyond the rim and look through the floor to the Canyon bottom 4000 feet below you. It's an experience you don't want to miss, and it is made better when you go VIP because you can cut to the head of the line.

You can add a helicopter tour to your package too, like the one that flies to the Canyon floor and sets down by the Colorado River. Going to the bottom of the Canyon is a unique adventure that allows you to take a boat tour along the base of the Canyon walls.

South Rim Bus Tours

While bus tours to the West Rim are the most popular, if you love nature and unspoiled wilderness scenery, then a trip to the South Rim might be a better choice for you if you don't mind the longer ride to get there. The basic South Rim tour comes with lunch and a tour guide, and when your bus gets to the rim, you'll have about three hours to explore on foot by yourself. There are many famous landmarks to see and some fantastic lookout points where you can take some great photos.

Just like the West Rim, this tour package can be upgraded to include a helicopter flyover of the rim. It is a half hour flight that goes to the North Rim and back, and it is worth it to see the wilderness area from above. You'll even get to fly over the widest and deepest portion of the Canyon.

Tours Fill Up Fast

Thanksgiving is a busy time at the Canyon and tours will fill up fast, so you want to book your tour early. Try to lock in your tour at least 72 hours in advance or when you book your hotel in Vegas. Just buy your tour online using your credit card, and you'll get instant confirmation of your seats and the lowest rate available.

Enjoy An Exciting Thanksgiving

Don't sleep the holiday away in your recliner, head to the Canyon instead. With fun options like the West Rim Skywalk adventure or the South Rim helicopter ride, you're sure to find a tour out of Vegas that thrills everyone in your family and makes your budget happy too.

Grand Canyon expert Lea F. recommends starting here when it comes to the best tours and here if you are heading to Las Vegas and want to do it by bus:

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