Making Dinner Part Of A Family Night Out

When families make plans for a night out for everybody, there is typically a sense of "either/or" to the planning. Either they are going to do an activity - go to the movies, play miniature golf, etc. - or they are going to go to dinner, but not usually both. Certainly some of that has to do with time constraints and busy schedules, but most often it is because they cannot agree on the type of restaurant and style of food they want to eat or they do not think there is a casual fine dining restaurant that is also a good choice for a family friendly meal.

Luckily for parents, that is starting to change, and what is driving most of that change are independently owned and operated restaurants that feature exciting menus full of authentic ethnic flavors, fresh ingredients and a variety of choices. Some of the most popular restaurants that fit this description are Latin fusion restaurants. These are especially sought after because they combine many base ingredients that people already enjoy and flavors they are familiar with from Tex-Mex food and other cuisines with new presentations and menu items that were the same foods they grew up eating at home.

The style of food and the atmosphere that many of these Latin fusion restaurants employ is what makes them an easy choice for kids, but parents also like them because of the ingredients that they use. These recipes call for the freshest ingredients, with many of the sauces being made from scratch in the kitchen. Parents know that the food they are serving their kids has very limited, if any, preservatives - many of these restaurants pride themselves on not even having a freezer, so you know that they get fresh food in every day - and is generally going to be a healthier option. Additionally, since many of the dishes were created in the restaurant, they can be easily modified so anyone with a food allergy can still enjoy the great flavors without any risk.

Finally, these types of restaurants understand that a good family meal is one that allows them to relax and enjoy it without being one that is overly slow and drawn out. Besides the tight schedules many families have, sometimes kids, and their parents, can start to get restless if they have been waiting too long for their food. Although a meal at a casual fine dining Latin fusion restaurant is one that can be lingered over and enjoyed, it is also possible to have a great experience in less than an hour. This frees up more time so that families can now go out for a fun night together and not have to make the "either/or" option for what they are going to do.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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