Making The Most Of Your Meeting

Raise your hand if you like business meetings. Probably all of you are sitting on your hands. No matter how organized and timed out they might be, they never flow as smooth as they should, they almost inevitably run long and everybody leaves feeling like they wasted the morning. The only people who probably look less forward to the meetings than the attendees are the people hosting them. The best way to make the most of a business meeting is to make sure something unexpected and special happens during it. One great option is to have it catered.

When people think of catering, oftentimes what comes to mind is an elaborate buffet style event or a formal sit down dinner. The truth is, many catering companies focus especially on business luncheons and meetings because they know the need is out there. They understand that people are looking for something unique but also something that does not interrupt what flow the meeting might have and, most importantly, something that does not make the meeting last any longer than it already is. The catering answer to this is the box lunch.

That phrase may bring most people back to elementary school and the image of a brown paper bag loaded with a soggy sandwich, an apple and a bag of chips. The box lunch that a catering company will feature will be anything but that. They spend time in the kitchen working with recipes to come up with several options of meals that not only pack well, travel easy and taste great, but also reflect the style and nature of the restaurant. A Latin fusion restaurant, for instance, will make sure they offer several of their signature salads as well as fresh wraps and sandwiches that are just like what is available on their in-house menus.

Not only does a catered lunch for a business meeting show that the host is aware of everyone's needs and is looking to reward them for attending the meeting, if timed right, it could be the perfect way to change the dynamic of the meeting. Giving people the chance to get up and stretch their legs while collecting their lunches helps to get the blood flowing, and by switching to a more informal feel as people eat, it helps build relationships and team-bonding, and when the meeting is over, people will leave with a more positive feel for how everything went.

Business meetings have to happen, no matter how much everyone may wish otherwise. That does not mean that every meeting has to be the same dull affair. Talk to the catering manager at your favorite Appleton, Wisconsin restaurants today to find out how their lunch catering program can make the most of your meetings.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who can tell you, after 20 years in the restaurant business, nothing is more dreadful than the all staff meetings that happened at 8am on a Saturday morning.

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