Managing Your Child's After School Activities For The Working Mother

In today's world it's tough for working mothers who may have to do double duty. Some may work a 9 to 5 job or some other shift. They get home and they are faced with other duties as well. For some this may mean taxiing their kids here and there. If you ever get the feeling like you're on a spinning wheel, maybe it's time to learn how to manage your kids' after-school activities better.

Parents with only one child may be able to get a grip on their children's after-school activities. It's When you have two or more children, things can get a bit crazy. Often times you'll find it difficult to keep up with everything the kids do as well as taking care of the household.

You will need to decide as a family what is most important. Would you like to eat meals together every evening or will your child's activities prevent you from doing that? What about the money aspect of participating in sports or other after-school activity? If your child is involved, will this put a strain on the family budget. What extra money requirements are there if they participate?

If you have several kids, you may want to limit them to one after-school activity per season. Some kids will want to do everything. Help them understand that some practices or activities may overlap, meaning they'll miss something. Limiting the sports they play or organizations joined, you're less likely to have scheduling conflicts.

Consider the time required for each activity. Most sports will have practice at least 3 days a week with games usually played on the weekend or even week nights. Non-sports activities like Scouting or music lessons may also require weekend participation. If your child is over committed, something will certainly have to give because you just can't be in two places at the same time.

Purchase a large calendar to put all family member's activities on. Assign each person a color to easily identify who has activities on any given day. You will always have conflicts from time to time especially if the kids are involved in similar activities. On that occasion when there is a conflict, ask friends and family to help you by supporting one child while you're with another.

Don't panic or fret if you are unable to make every practice or every game. It's going to happen.

Let's not forget about grades. If the after-school activities start to affect school grades, let them know that school work comes first no matter what. Your child may not like it if you take them out of something they enjoy, but it's much more important that they get a decent education than play a sport or instrument.

Home life, juggling a job, and your child's after-school activities can be very stressful. Keep in mind that most activities only last for eight to ten weeks. Although you'll be busy for several weeks, your kids may benefit so much from being a part of something outside of school. Use some of the ideas above to help manage after-school activities and you'll enjoy cheering them on and watching them grow.

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